Merit Fitness 715T Plus

The Merit Fitness 715T Plus is worth the look for those who are seeking a treadmill that has plenty of running or walking room. This machine also has preset programs, a thumb pulse monitor and 3 manual incline adjustment (0-5%) to customize your workout. Merit Fitness is well-known for being dedicated to manufacturing high-quality fitness machines and the 715T Plus is no exception with its simple console and 3-window LED display that makes it easy to monitor your progress.

Merit Fitness 715T Plus

The Pros: There are a few things that are important when buying a treadmill and that is the belt, horsepower and warranty; the 715T has a belt that is both long and wide enough to give you a comfortable workout. It feels stable while in operation and the horsepower is adequate for the task. The warranty is good and also includes in-home repair, which is convenient.

It's easy to adjust speed during exercising and the controls are easy to use. Performance is stable right from the beginning and after months of use the quality is still evident.

The Cons: You have to change the incline manually which requires that you stop your workout in order to do this task.

The Bottom Line: The Merit Fitness 715T Plus is an affordable and durable machine that is recommended for anyone looking for a treadmill that will help you reach your fitness goals without all the bells and whistles that are unnecessary. This is a quality fitness machine that users really like.

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