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When it comes to infamous unsolved serial murder cases, few names evoke intrigue and curiosity quite like "Jack the Ripper." This enigmatic figure terrorized the streets of Victorian London in the late 1800s, leaving a trail of gruesome killings that remain a subject of fascination even to this day. Unmasking the true identity of Jack the Ripper has been a quest that has captivated countless minds, leading to a plethora of books exploring the case from various angles.

As devoted true crime enthusiasts, we have scoured through the vast sea of literature on Jack the Ripper to recommend the best books on the subject. Our selection embraces a wide range of perspectives, meticulously researched theories, and gripping narratives that delve into the dark alleyways of Victorian England. Whether you are a seasoned Ripperologist or simply a curious reader, our compilation guarantees a captivating journey into the heart of one of history's most baffling criminal mysteries.

Top 5 books about Jack the ripper: our recommendations

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Author: Philip Sugden - Publisher: Robinson Publishing - ASIN: 1841193976

The Complete History of Jack the Ripper by Philip Sugden is an exceptionally detailed and well-researched account of one of the most notorious crimes in history. Sugden's in-depth analysis of the Whitechapel murders provides a thorough examination of the possible suspects, the investigation, and the social context of Victorian London. The author's meticulous attention to detail, backed up by extensive primary sources, makes this book an authoritative and compelling read. Sugden's unbiased approach and clear writing style make this a must-read for anyone interested in the Jack the Ripper case.

Our rating:: 9.6


Author: Donald Rumbelow - Publisher: Virgin Books - ASIN: 0753541505

The Complete Jack the Ripper, authored by Donald Rumbelow, is a captivating and thoroughly researched account of one of history's most notorious serial killers. Rumbelow's expertise in the subject matter shines through as he provides a comprehensive examination of the Whitechapel murders and the elusive identity of Jack the Ripper. The meticulous attention to detail combined with the author's engaging writing style keeps readers engrossed throughout the book.

Rumbelow skillfully navigates through the maze of theories and suspects, presenting a well-rounded analysis of the crimes and the societal context in which they occurred. His access to primary sources and his ability to separate fact from speculation adds an authoritative and trustworthy element to the narrative.

The book also offers a unique glimpse into the dark and gritty realities of Victorian London, painting a vivid picture of the impoverished streets and the social challenges faced by the city's inhabitants. This historical backdrop enriches the overall reading experience, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in the grim atmosphere of the era.

Furthermore, Rumbelow's ability to present complex information in a digestible manner makes The Complete Jack the Ripper accessible to both true crime enthusiasts and casual readers alike. It is clear that the author's extensive knowledge and passion for the subject matter allow him to effectively communicate the intricacies of the case in a compelling and engaging way.

In conclusion, The Complete Jack the Ripper is an authoritative and captivating exploration of the infamous serial killer. Rumbelow's expertise, attention to detail, and engaging writing style make this book a must-read for anyone fascinated by true crime and the enigma of Jack the Ripper.

Our rating:: 9.5

$22.95 $33.99 

Author: Kindle Amazon - Publisher: Arcturus - ASIN: B00GO6TKU0

The Crimes of Jack the Ripper: The Whitechapel Murders Re-Examined is an engrossing and meticulously researched book that delves deep into one of history's most notorious unsolved mysteries. The author presents a fresh perspective and offers compelling theories, backed by solid evidence and expert analysis.

The writing is captivating, with vivid descriptions that transport you to the dark alleys of Victorian London. The author's attention to detail is commendable, as they paint a vivid picture of the social and historical context surrounding the crimes. The book also incorporates gripping firsthand accounts and testimonies that further immerse the reader in the chilling atmosphere of the era.

What sets this book apart is the author's command over the subject matter. Their extensive knowledge and careful evaluation of the available evidence allow them to challenge long-standing assumptions and popular theories in a persuasive manner. The arguments presented are well-reasoned and thought-provoking, offering readers a chance to reevaluate what they thought they knew about Jack the Ripper.

Overall, The Crimes of Jack the Ripper: The Whitechapel Murders Re-Examined is a captivating and authoritative read that will satisfy both seasoned Ripperologists and those new to the subject. It is a must-read for anyone interested in true crime or fascinated by this infamous chapter of history.

Our rating:: 9.3


Author: Hallie Rubenhold - Publisher: Mariner Books - ASIN: 0358299616

In "The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper," Hallie Rubenhold presents a captivating and unique perspective on the infamous case. Going beyond the gruesome details of the murders, Rubenhold focuses on the forgotten lives of the five women who fell victims to Jack the Ripper.

Rubenhold's research is meticulous, providing an insightful and compassionate portrayal of each victim. The author skillfully navigates through historical records, shedding light on the challenging circumstances these women faced in Victorian London.

What sets this book apart is Rubenhold's ability to humanize the victims and challenge the conventional Ripper narrative. She challenges the long-established stereotypes surrounding these women, debunking popular misconceptions and giving voice to their stories.

The author's prose is engaging and evocative, transporting readers back in time while maintaining a respectful tone. Each chapter is carefully crafted, weaving together historical context, personal narratives, and social commentary.

Overall, "The Five" is an extraordinary and vital contribution to Ripperology. Rubenhold's exploration of the women's lives not only sheds new light on this historical period but also serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy and understanding when examining historical crimes and their victims.

Our rating:: 8.9

$10.69 $17.99 

Author: Kerri Maniscalco - Publisher: Jimmy Patterson - ASIN: 0316273511

"Stalking Jack the Ripper" is a gripping and spine-chilling detective novel that takes the reader on a dark and thrilling journey through the streets of Victorian London. Kerri Maniscalco's impeccable writing and attention to detail brings the notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper to life in a horrifying yet captivating way.

The protagonist, Audrey Rose Wadsworth, is a strong and intelligent young woman who defies societal norms by pursuing her passion for forensic science. Her determination to uncover the truth behind the Ripper's gruesome murders is commendable, and her complex relationship with the enigmatic Thomas Cresswell adds an intriguing layer to the story.

The author masterfully blends historical accuracy with fiction, creating a vivid and immersive setting that transports the reader to the grim and dangerous world of Victorian London. The meticulously researched details about forensic pathology and the Ripper's crimes add a level of authenticity to the narrative, making it all the more chilling.

Maniscalco's ability to craft suspenseful and atmospheric scenes keeps the reader on the edge of their seat throughout the book, constantly guessing and second-guessing the identity of the Ripper. The twists and turns in the plot are cleverly executed, leading to a heart-pounding climax that will leave readers eager for the next installment in the series.

Overall, "Stalking Jack the Ripper" is a gripping and captivating read that combines history, mystery, and horror in a unique and compelling way. Maniscalco's talent for storytelling shines through, making this a must-read for fans of suspenseful historical fiction.

Our rating:: 8.4

$9.39 $12.99 

Best book about Jack the ripper: the unmissable

Selecting the best book about Jack the ripper could be a little bit more complex than you think. That being said, based on readers reviews, The Complete History of Jack at the price of $15.00 is the best book about Jack the ripper currently on Amazon:

Our choice
The Complete History of Jack the Ripper

The Complete History of Jack the Ripper


After extensive research and analysis, these books truly stand out as the best resources on the infamous Jack the Ripper. With their meticulously crafted narratives and in-depth exploration of the historical context, they provide invaluable insights into the enigmatic figure and the chilling crimes committed in Victorian London. Whether you are an avid true crime reader or a history enthusiast, these books are a must-read for anyone intrigued by the mystery and want to delve deeper into one of the most notorious serial killers of all time. Embark on this captivating journey and uncover the secrets that continue to haunt the world.

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