Bushnell Trophy Cam X-8 119327C

Game hunters are in search of trail cameras that provide an accurate accounting of the game in the area at night and during the day. Budget conscientious hunters deserve the same quality and efficiency that hunters with deep pockets enjoy. To deliver on this the Bushnell Trophy Cam X-8 119327C provides rapid trigger speed and sharp 4 or 6-megapixel images along with the 45 feet motion sensor. The day/night autosensor and the fact that it has external power compatibility increases the positive benefits of this cam to a hunter in need of powerful tools that assist in tracking game.

Bushnell Trophy Cam X-8 119327C

The Pros: Video capability is important to a hunter because still photos do not show how different deer move as they react which gives the hunter more accuracy when identifying deer as being a shooter buck or non-shooter when bow hunting. The X-8 takes great videos and photos.

You can do better when it comes to image quality, price, size or storage capacity, which make this field camera a good value. If date and time display is important to you this camera delivers a clear date and time display every time. The long-term battery use is a great advantage over other trail cameras. It is easy to adjust the settings which is helpful.

The Cons: The camera is a shiny green, which makes it visible against tree bark. To discourage thieves it would be more beneficial to have a gray colored camera so it blends in with the background gray of tree bark.

The Bottom Line: The Bushnell Trophy Cam X-8 119327C is recommended for hunters and for those in need of a good camera for observing wildlife or even to catch photos of intruders on the property.

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