Bushnell Trophy Cam 119436C

The Bushnell Trophy Cam 119436C lives up to the challenge because of its compact size and feature-rich efficiency; among the most important being the very fast trigger speed (1 sec), its 45-foot flash range and 8MP image resolution. Game movement can be depicted within a larger target area thanks to time-lapse technology that automatically snaps creature images at pre-set intervals.

Bushnell Trophy Cam 119436C

What we like: This model has one of the best track records regarding battery life. The IR sensor is set wider than is typical for other trail camera lens, which allows for capturing most of the game that goes by the camera. The 2-year warranty period is very generous where trail cameras are concerned and speaks well of how durable it is. The Bushnell 8MP is a very compact and rugged camera that is perfect for wildlife usage.

What we don't like: Despite software updates some pictures can come out blurry and sound quality could be improved.

The bottom line: The Bushnell Trophy Cam 119436C function well and are very durable and takes excellent pictures both day and night. The battery life is better than most other cameras. The warranty makes this camera highly recommended. This is one of the better trail cameras on the market today. When using Ultimate Lithium Batteries the battery life is a huge selling point for this camera especially if it will be used for high traffic areas.

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