Exerpeutic 1110 (400XL)

Recumbent bikes are built to be easy on back and joints and the Exerpeutic 1110 (400XL) allows for satisfying workouts that are comfortable and then when finished the bike folds up easily to be stored out of the way which is a real space saver feature. The LCD display is easy to read and allows the user to track calories burned, distance traveled, time, speed and heart rate. You can easily control the resistance allowing for a custom ride to fit your fitness goals. If you dislike upright-style bikes or are recovering from an injury the recumbent bike is a good choice.

Exerpeutic 1110 (400XL)

The Pros: This is a great exercise bike that functions well. There is no front handle bar so the view is not obstructed while watching TV. The bike is practically silent while in operation. The bike is sturdy so users can exercise without the fear of tipping over. This is a very comfortable ride so people who dislike exercising might actually find it to be enjoyable while using this bike.

The Cons: The plastic housing on the gearbox is a concern with users complaining of it cracking. When the bike is in the folding position it can be awkward to move from room to room. The assembly of the unit is not as easy as it is advertised to be perhaps the instructions could be made to be more easily understood.

The Bottom Line: The Exerpeutic 1110 (400XL) is recommended for users who want to get a good workout in comfort and whom having the ability to monitor progress is important, as the display is easy to read. The bike is a space-saver which is important if you live in close quarters or just donít want a piece of exercise equipment cluttering up your room.

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