Polaroid XS100

The Polaroid XS100 is everything its name states and it the go to camera if you are into sports and desire to catch all the action on video to share with friends and family. The durability, quality and functionality of this model make it a must-have for any sports enthusiasts who enjoy recording action-packed events for prosperity. All the great features are packed into this one camera and offered at one of the lowest prices currently being offered for this class of action camera.

Polaroid XS100

The Pros: One unique feature is that it creates dual-files during recordings with one being a “thumbnail” file incase the user wants to sent smaller file versions by email or for faster web uploads to share quickly with family and friends.

The G-sensor is another unique feature of this model. The auto-rotation feature of the lens is nice but what is also great is that you can turn this feature off for situation where it is not needed or desired. The anti-vibration feature is something that is also unique and much appreciated. The XS100 does take great quality HD video and the audio is decent too.

The Cons: Most of the camera is of good construction but the back cover feels flimsy and it is also not easy to open or close. Some of the mounting parts seem as if they could easily break.

The Bottom Line: The Polaroid XS100 is highly recommended for its ability to take excellent video and still shots. The features are outstanding and it's good value for the money spent. The features are what makes this a great buy because some of the features are unique to this camera and are not available even on the most popular action camera brands.

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