Midland XTC300VP4

The best words to describe Midland XTC300VP4 are tiny but powerful. This is true HD 1080p video with plug-and-play technology that will have you enjoying the fun and almost forgetting that you are taking video of all the action. The slide button makes turning it on and off easy and the battery can last up to 3 hours. This action camera comes with a submersible case which allow user to use underwater up to 100 feet deep and also comes with 4 different types of mounts.

Midland XTC300VP4

The Pros: The XTC300VP4 is practically a point and shoot camera and totally hands off action. Achieves great color balance and delivers awesome videos and also easy to download video to your PC. It's easy to use and the 4 mounts gives you versatility. With simple one switch operation makes this camera simple for anyone to operate. The 127° wide angle lens is really nice for getting all the action into your shots. This is a high quality, good looking and durable camera that can go anywhere and is weather resistant so no worries.

It is nice that this model comes with a USB DC adapter car charger, which is convenient. Another convenience is the battery life indicator and the low memory indicator because knowing these things can make the difference between getting and not getting important action shots.

The Cons: No focus ability but the pictures are stabilized just the same so you won’t miss the ability to focus.

The Bottom Line: The Midland XTC300VP4 is highly recommended for its durability, great picture quality, and user-friendliness. This is a very reliable wearable action camera and it is at a competitive price too. The wide angle lens, battery life indicator and low memory indicator are features that really set this camera apart from others in the same class.

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