GoPro HERO3: Black Edition

Camera lovers looking for a powerful but light sports camera will really enjoy discovering the GoPro HERO3: Black Edition because it is Wi-fi enabled and the most advanced Gopro to date. It is reported to be 30% smaller, 25% lighter and twice as powerful as previous models. This is truly a versatile camera worth investigating if your goal is to take professional looking pictures and cinema-quality video.

GoPro HERO3: Black Edition

If you read other reviews you will soon notice lots of issues with most of them being solved when the user learns how to update and connect the camera to the computer correctly because the GoPro cameras are “process oriented” and tasks must be completed in the proper order in order to avoid known issues.

The Pros: Built especially for recording action sports. The housing is ruggedly built and waterproof. The Wi-fi remote has a range of up to 600 feet (180m). This camera has an ultra wide angle and 6-element aspherical lens. In order to capture the best shots possible the HERO3 has advanced camera settings such as video looping, continuous photo, Protune, and manual white balance controls.

The Cons: Known issues:
- Camera freezes while recording at high rates/resolutions
- Camera is also known to overheat quickly
- Issues while charging like overheating or freezing

All of these issues can be addressed by calling customer service. Most of these issues have simple fixes and by following the steps in the manual such as charging the battery completely when you first receive the new camera, format the battery card in the camera, do manual firmware updates instead of the automatic firmware updates due to Java issues and stay away from Sandisk 16GB 95MB extreme pro card because it has known compatibility issues with HERO3 black edition.

The Bottom Line: The GoPro HERO3: Black Edition is recommended because of the excellent picture and video quality despite known issues because the camera itself will last for close to 5 years it is that well-built even when used frequently. The camera is very portable because it is light and small which is a big plus.

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