Philips HP6401/50

The Philips HP6401/50 epilator can be used for total body hair removal and is especially suited for those desiring to experience hairless skin for several weeks after use. It is geared for use is situations where hair is being removed from delicate skin or when hair is short such as 0.5 millimeter in length (normal length is 3 to 4 millimeters). Women like the two speed options (gentle and efficient) because the gentle speed is better for sensitive areas like underarms or the bikini line.

Philips HP6401/50

What we like: This is a basic, uncomplicated, easy to use hair removal gear. Best of all the Philips HP6401 is affordable. Many epilators that donít work as well are over-priced when compared to the Satinelle. Because the hair takes longer to grow back after each use, it is not necessary to use it as often as you would a shaving razor. When compared to other brands this one is less painful and definitely easy to use.

What we donít like: Works better on legs than under the arms although some have commented that they have no problem using it in all skin areas. Ingrown hair seems to be a problem for some users but then if you read reviews of other epilators you will see similar comments so that may not be limited to a certain brand but a condition experienced by the user such as dry skin for example.

The bottom line: The Philips HP6401/50 Satinelle is recommended for anyone desiring to have smooth, silky hairless skin using a fast and easy to use hair removal. Many women have found this particular model to work efficiency and with less pain than other brands. If performance, comfort and affordability is what you seek in an epilator than this one is highly recommended.

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