Braun Silk-epil 5280 (2012 Model)

The Braun 5280 has been designed to deliver long-lasting hair removal and also fit for women who are new to the epilation experience and are afraid of experiencing the pain that is known to occur while using epilators. It has the close-grip technology that uses 40 tweezers that have the purpose of removing even the shortest hairs. It also comes with a trimmer cap, shaver head and efficiency cap.

Braun Silk-epil 5280 (2012 Model)

The Pros: This unit fits really nicely in your hand. This is a corded epilator with a 7.5 foot long cord. The LED light is very powerful and makes it easy to spot fine hairs that may have been missed in the first sweep. The 40 tweezers are very accurate at locating and plucking up hairs. It is important to not let the head unit become full of hairs because this will lead to missed hairs.

The Cons: The design of this unit causes hairs to get caught and to then buildup inside the rotating head unit, which causes the unit to miss hairs. To avoid this you need to open the head unit and brush away all the excess hairs. The shaver head attachment is not very effective but most people will be purchasing this to use as an epilator so this should not be an issue for most users.

The Bottom Line: The Braun 5280 is recommended as an epilator but not as a shaver. You can remove the electric cord and submerse the unit in water for effective cleaning which makes the head more effective at removing hairs, which is a huge benefit and makes the unit work better.

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