Braun Silk-epil 7181

As much as women love to remove hair what they really want is to accomplish the task with less pain and the Braun Silk Epil 7181 has features that give them what they want including pre-epilation wipes, close-grip technology and high frequency massage for comfort. The name Braun is associated with quality and dependability so the expectations are high for the Silk Epil 7.

Braun Silk-epil 7181

What we like: Made to last and to clean easily. Comes with all the supplies needed including the epilator, two caps, charger, cinch pouch, 16 pre-epilation wipes, and a small flat cleaning brush. It's cordless which means you can remove hair anywhere. The Li-ion rechargeable battery is a nice and the fact that the unit is waterproof is a nice benefit when you wish to do epilation wet instead of dry.

This is a really fancy looking epilator with its orange and pink accents, smooth plastic coating, and glittery appearance, which is very fashionable. The vibration in the cap helps to distract your skin from the pain, which is very helpful and unique to this particular model of epilator.

What we donít like: Performs well dry or wet on legs with minimal pain. Does not perform as well on other areas but the wipes allow it to perform in the acceptable range for these areas just not as well as it does on the legs.

The bottom line: As previously stated, the Braun 7181 is really designed with the purpose of minimizing the pain of epilation and this is why it is highly recommended. It not only is less painful, it performs well, leaving the skin in a hairless condition with minimal irritation.

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