Venturer KLV39073E

The Venturer KLV39073E is a great choice if you are looking for a versatile under cabinet TV that will provide you with many different entertainment options. Not only does it have a compact size that will allow it to easily fit underneath just about any kitchen cabinet, but it installs very easily as well. It also has an above average sound quality which is a plus because the acoustics in a kitchen are generally not that good.

Venturer KLV39073E

7-inch Flip Up Screen
The Venturer KLV39073E has a 7Ē flip up LCD screen that is able to swivel around in all directions so that you can easily see the picture no matter where you are in the kitchen. When you are not watching it, you can easily flip it up out of view to save space, and this also allows you to protect the screen as well.

Multiple Entertainment Options
Unlike standard under cabinet TVís that only allow you to watch standard television; the KLV39073E gives you the option of watching DVDís thanks to the built in DVD player or watch standard television via the ATSC/NTSC tuner. It will even allow you to connect a cable or satellite connection to it as well so that you can give yourself an even wider variety of channels to watch. If you love listening to music, then you will have the option of using the DVD player to listen to your favorite music CDís or take advantage of the built in AM/FM radio tuner as well.

It also comes with a magnetic remote control that you can use to easily switch back and forth between the different functions. Because it has a magnetic connection, you can easily store it on your refrigerator.

Very Easy to Install
Since this unit utilizes a small and compact design, you will be able to easily install it under any cabinet in your kitchen. It comes with all of the under cabinet mounting hardware that you need to mount it correctly, and one user of this TV reported that they were able to get it completely installed in about an hour.

The Venturer KLV39073E under cabinet LCD TV is a great buy because it is a very versatile unit that is literally a complete home entertainment system wrapped up into one portable package. By having the ability to watch TV, DVD movies, or even listen to music, you will have plenty of options to choose from while you are in the kitchen.

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