Sony ICF-CD543RM

The Sony ICF-CD543RM is definitely no slouch when it comes to under cabinet CD players. Considered to be among the top of the line when it comes to this type of technology, it has been loaded with many great features including a superior speaker system equivalent to the ones that you will find in home theatre systems. Its ultra slim design wonít take up any space in your kitchen, and it comes with a magnetic multi-function remote that will make controlling it from any part of the kitchen a breeze.

Sony ICF-CD543RM

4 Band Digital Synthesized Tuner
The ICF-CD543RM has many great features when it comes to using the radio. It is equipped with a drift free tuner that will be able to accurately pick up all of the radio stations in your area. It also has been equipped with 25 memory presets which will allow you to store 10 FM stations, 5 AM stations, 5 TV channels, and 5 weather frequencies. And one really cool feature that has been included is that you can even pick up the audio from your local TV channels that are between channels 2-13 as well.

Built In Dynamic Bass Reflex Sound System
One problem that you will find with most under cabinet CD players is that they typically have really basic speaker systems that deliver a flat and boring sound. However, it has been equipped with a dynamic speaker system that will provide you with a rich deep musical experience that you will never forget. It also has a 2 position Mega Bass control function that will allow this system to produce powerful deep bass tones that will really bring your music to life.

Built in CD Player
When it comes to listening to your favorite CDís, the ICF-CD543RM has a front loading CD player that will allow you to listen to tracks in many different modes including, shuffle, repeat all tracks in random order, single track repeat, and all track repeat. It even has the ability to play CD-R/RW discs as well.

The Sony ICF-CD543RM under cabinet radio is definitely going to be a good buy for someone who wants a very high end CD player in their kitchen or any other work environment where you may have cabinets. It has an exceptional speaker system and offers a wide range of versatility when it comes to listening to the radio. It also has the ability to play recordable music CDís, and with its ultra cool sleek design, it will help to make your kitchen that much more beautiful.

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