Innovative Technology ITIU-760

The innovative Technology ITIU-760 under cabinet iPad Player Dock was made to give the user the ability to play the iPad while cooking in the kitchen. It's also compatible with iPod and iPhone and can be used in the horizontal or vertical positions. It has two stereo speakers, digital volume control and also has AM/FM radio viewing capability. There is a digital clock, alarm and countdown timer for help in the kitchen, shop or garage wherever the cabinet is located.

Innovative Technology ITIU-760

The Pros: This product looks good, functions well and the radio sounds good. The iPad slides in and out easily and is very secure when in use. There is a charging cord, which is a nice feature not present in other models. This unit is perfect for those who love to watch cooking videos in the kitchen or listening to music while cooking. It installs easily the first time and has simple button design, which is user-friendly.

The Cons: One user mentioned that this was too deep for a standard cabinet and another that the spacers that come with the radio are not tall enough for his cabinets. This unit does not have a lightning hookup to plug in the iPad 4 into so you have to order a separate hookup to wire into the dock because it is basically a under mount radio with an iPad dock.

The Bottom Line: The innovative Technology ITIU-760 is perfect for those who love watching TV on iPad, listening to music or watching videos while cooking in the kitchen or working in the shop or garage. It installs easily and is very user-friendly.

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