Emerson CKD1612

The Emerson CKD1612 has a beautiful red finish with a backlit red LCD display and measures only 9.1 x 2.9 inches. Itís pretty lightweight weighing only about 6 pounds, and itís also very easy to install thanks to the included mounting template and brackets. Itís also one of the more affordable under cabinet radio available today.

Emerson CKD1612

Digital AM/FM Tuner
This unit features a built in 5 watt digital AM/FM radio which will allow you to store up to 20 programmable channels. It has an aerial antenna that is located inside the power cord. The unit also makes use of a 3Ē inch wide range speaker that will be able to provide you with quality sound no matter what type of music or programming that you may be listening to.

Front Loading CD Player
If you have CDís that you want to be able to listen to, the Emerson CKD1612 comes with a front loading CDR-R/RW CD player. It has very basic features including stop, pause, and play, and can be easily controlled by the included remote control.

Built in Digital Clock
You will never have a problem keeping track of time thank to its integrated digital clock which also has an alarm clock with a buzzer. You can use this feature to help you out when you are cooking a dish or if you just need to set yourself a reminder while you are in the kitchen.

Not only is the CKD1612 a very affordable under cabinet radio, but it is a very stylish one as well. Its bright red color will brighten up any kitchen and its simple operation will ensure that you can listen to your favorite songs with ease. It also comes with everything that you need to easily mount it to any cabinet surface that you choose.

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