Presto EverSharp 08810

The Presto EverSharp 08810 is designed to benefit those in need of sharp kitchen or sport knives by giving them a three stage sharpening system that yields professional results. This system avoids the “guesswork” associated with other sharpening machines with its interchangeable blade guides that can hold a knife at just the right sharpening angle to produce perfectly sharpened knives every time. Perfectly sharpens fillet knives, hunting knives and all your kitchen knives to perfection.

Presto EverSharp 08810

What we like: Stage 1 is wonderful for setting the edge on very dull knives and stage 2 is the typical stage to start in, unless your knife has chips or is very, very dull as in unusable dull. Creates a uniform edge the entire length of the knife, which is difficult for most to achieve using a whetstone. Yields results faster than even the best stone can because although stones work well they are expense and take a long time. The Presto 08810 gives a great result without the expense or time.

What we don’t like: The result is only as good as your technique even with an excellent product so the human behind the system has to read the instructions before attempting to sharpen or else the result will be disastrous. It is possible to mar or scratch especially when sharpening smaller knives so it is critical that you practice technique on your least favorite knives first when you first receive the system.

The bottom line: The Presto Professional EverSharp 08810 electric knife sharpener is highly recommended because it outperforms more expensive systems without the high price tag and can sharpen kitchen knives, sports knives and even garden tools such as pruning shears. This system is recommended in to those spoiled by expensive stones and honing steel rods.

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