Chef's Choice 130

This is a complete solution to most knife sharpening needs in one convenient and professional machine. Serious knife users are looking to fill different needs such as being able to steel, strop and sharpen different types of knives such as kitchen, sport, pocket, serrated or straight edge and it can be expensive buying individual solutions to cover all your needs. This is when a machine such as the Chef's Choice 130 comes in handy. It is a cost-effective solution to all your needs.

Chef's Choice 130

What we like: The most important aspect of experiencing success with any machine is reading the manual BEFORE operating. Positive results will be achieved if users will follow this simple rule. Problems such as taking too much metal off can be avoided and the result will be a professional sharpening in the convenience of your home kitchen. The machine is very user-friendly, being easy to use, yielding sharp knives.

Functional is a word that describes this Chef's Choice machine well as it is designed to be durable. It can sharpen, it steels, and strops most brands of knives and has a super-hardened miniature steel and very flexible stropping disk that allows for professional function and versatility. The angle guides allows anyone to have the ability to sharpen knives with professional-like results.

What we donít like: Chef's Choice line of knife sharpeners are well-known for an inability to sharpen all the way to the base of the knife because the heel of the knife does not fit as close as is needed to the machine. The rest of the knife can be sharpened as intended just not all the way to the base.

The bottom line: The Chef's Choice 130 is recommended for those desiring to sharpen most types and brands of knives at home. It does many of the tasks desired in one compact unit. The first stage of the unit can create a single edge and the second stage then steels the blade with the third stage polishing the knife to a clean, sharp perfection.

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