Chef's Choice 120

It is vital to have sharp knives to protect the quality and function of fine kitchen or professional knives. Chef’s Choice 120 is worthy of your inspection. Use this product on any knife including gourmet, hunting, even serrated knives with confidence because of the precision angle guides and unique Trizor-Plus edge given for maximum durability and razor sharpness.

Chef's Choice 120

What we like: Receives good press from magazines such as “Cooks Illustrated”. Saves money when used for home sharpening over paying for a professional. The Chef’s Choice 120 turns dull unused knives into productive knives again. The spring-loaded slots help to keep the knife at the proper grinding angle. The magnetic cleanout plug under the unit collects the steel removed during the process, which is a real plus for those who have used other models.

It looks nice sitting on the kitchen counter and because it is located in the kitchen where your favorite food prep knives are stored the act of sharpening occurs more frequently than say if you only had a sharpening machine located in your shop or tool shed.

The 3-stage sharpening option works well saving time and effort over non-electrical models. Extremely easy to bring even old unused knives back to a sharp usable condition. The manual is easy to read and understand and is a must-read before you begin to use the machine.

What we don’t like: It has been reported by a few reviewers that sharpening serrated knives is a difficult task even with the 120 model so patience and reading the manual can help give you the edge when completing this task.

The bottom line: The Chef’s Choice 120 knife sharpener is recommended for all types of knives from sporting to kitchen use even serrated and has the three stages to accomplish any sharpening need.

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