Max Burton 6050

Many people are making the switch to induction cooktops because they are safer than gas and outperform electric due to of how instantly responsive induction heating is and how energy-efficient these models are as well. The Max Burton 6050 is one to consider when exploring your options because it has 10 temperature levels and an induction interface disk so there may be no need to replace your current cookware. It looks great in modern kitchens because it is stainless steel.

Max Burton 6050

What we like: Saves money when you buy this model instead of other models that require you to buy induction cookware in order to use them; because you wont have to run out and buy induction cookware when you use the Induction Interface Disk that this particular cooktop includes.

Expedites cooking so saves the cook valuable time. It boils water faster than a microwave can, which is totally amazing. The cooktop cleans up easily. Unlike other stoves, you can place paper towels under pans to catch spills while cooking on an induction cooktop.

Avoids a hot kitchen, which is great especially if you live in a warm climate and of course during the summer months. Gives cooks versatility in that it has time, heat level and temperature controls. Perfect for those traveling in an RV because it cooks much faster than propane stove and is portable for outdoor cooking too.

What we dont like: The cooktop shuts off automatically after 3 hours of cooking so it is not possible to do all day cooking. Those who enjoy wok cooking will discover that it is not possible to use a round-bottomed wok with it.

The bottom line: The Max Burton 6050 is recommended as a backup-cooking element, as a replacement for a propane burner for RV travelers and for anyone who enjoys cooking because it is a pleasure to cook with an induction cooktop.

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