Max Burton 6015

Induction cooking is popular for many reasons including safety, easy cleanup and fast cooking times. The Max Burton 6015 is worthy to be considered as your next cooktop stove because it has a 8-inch diameter surface, has a heat proof handle and allows the cook to also use cookware suited for non-induction cooking such as Aluminum, Glass, Copper, Porcelain and stainless steel cookware. Perfect for so many situations such as for those living in assisted living housing, for cooking at the office, in dorms or for buffets or when catering a party.

Max Burton 6015

What we like: The positive aspects of this cooktop are that it has a glass surface that induces heat in metal so the cooking times is faster than cooking with coils and that you have much more control because of the ten grades of temperature and the fact that you can set the temperature in degree increments up to 450 degrees F.

The unit can be placed on any surface (countertop, table) and it is easy to move because it is lightweight. It comes with an interface disc, which allows you to cook on multiple cookware types including clay. Cooks like the fact that this cooktop does not heat up the kitchen when in operation (no external heat). The unit is one-piece so the leaking problem of other cooktops is avoided.

What we dont like: One negative aspect of using the Max Burton 6015 is that it makes a loud noise when plugged in even when the power is turned off, and when the power is turned on the noise gets louder. When using the interface disc converter the efficiency of the unit is decreased (takes longer to boil water for instance).

The bottom line: The Max Burton 6015 is recommended for anyone looking to have an extra induction burner handy for holiday cooking or for anytime when an extra burner will make meal prep easier. It is also recommended for living spaces such as dorms or small apartments in which it is convenient to be able to cook wherever there is an outlet such as a kitchen countertop or table.

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