Karcher K 5.540

The Karcher K 5.540 is a wise choice for anyone looking for a good electric pressure washer that has close performance to a gas engine machine. It is important to note that it is an upright machine that does not do well on uneven surfaces. The design and performance of the unit makes it efficient for typical purposes such as washing floor mats, concrete surfaces and brick. It does a decent job at cleaning the normal dirt, tire marks and oil drippings found on a garage floor. The compact design of the unit makes it a snap to store.

Karcher K 5.540

The Pros: This unit is noticeably quieter than most electric models. The compact design is a definite plus for finding a storage spot for it easily. This is definitely not as powerful as a gas pressure washer but it will tackle normal cleaning jobs well and handles minor jobs like washing sidewalks and decks.

The assembly instructions are easy to follow and the unit can be put together in no time at all. The best features are that it is compact, easy to use and has the power to complete minor, cleaning jobs well.

The Cons: This unit has a short 25 hose so for most jobs a ladder is required. This is definitely not something for doing light commercial cleaning it is definitely only for residential power-washing jobs. The machine is top-heavy and easily topples over especially if you pull on the hose when it is fully extended.

The Bottom Line: The Karcher K 5.540 is recommended to those looking to clean normal dirt off vehicles, concrete or brick structures. It is a quiet machine to operate and stores easily. If you can put up with its tendency to tip over this is a machine that gets the job done without the noise and fuel expense.

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