Husqvarna 7021P

Husqvarna 7021P is powered by a 160cc Honda engine which can produce 6.9-gross-torque. It has a three-in-one cutting system like most new end models. It comes with 21-inch wide cutting steel deck and also has 2-year warranty.

Husqvarna 7021P

Larger mowers often compromise on maneuverability and are difficult to use in tight areas. But the 7021P with its 12 inch rear wheels and double ball bearings makes it extremely easy to move even in the most uneven terrain. It has 6 adjustable from 1.25" to 3.42" height increment system ensures that the lawn is mowed precisely. With the foldable handles make it easy and quick storage. This is an apt choice for anyone looking for a powerful and high performance machine.

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