Greenworks 25142

The GreenWorks 25142 has a 10-amp motor that delivers the power needed to get your lawn mowed efficiently and quickly. It is a high performance, durable lawn mower that gives the user the option to mulch or use the rear-bagging feature. It has a range of cutting heights from 5/8” to 2-5/8” to satisfy different grass types and different grass conditions. The 7” rear and 6” front wheels allow for easy maneuverability around flowerbeds, trees and shrubs. It has a durable composite 16” cutting deck for the best performance you have ever experienced.

Greenworks 25142

The Pros: Using the bag attachment it turns into a vacuum sweeper sucking up everything in its path…leaves, grass clippings everything. The bag is easy to attach and also to remove from the body. It has a composite frame for durability. The 25142 is very comfortable mower to use due to its small size and weight. You will notice less vibration over other types of electric mowers.

The handle has a soft padded grip and it folds down for easy storage. This is a thoughtfully designed mower with the user in mind and is without a doubt solidly built. The height lever adjusts the height on all four wheels at once. It's light but also very powerful. It arrives fully assembled, which is a big plus for those of us who hate assembling items.

The Cons: If you have a large yard you will need to walk more because of the small size of it. Uses electricity and you will need an extension cord to be able to reach all areas of the yard.

The Bottom Line: This is a really great small electric mower for those who want to have a powerful way to cut a good-looking lawn without the noise or pollution. The GreenWorks 25142 is environmentally friendly and is light enough for anyone to use. It cuts even tall, thick grass and weeds and turns any lawn into a green, nicely manicured lawn in just one cutting.

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