Pentax WG-3

A durable camera that takes quality pictures is a good description of the Pentax WG-3. It can perform well documenting all your water activities and non-water activities too. The sound and video quality is equally good above and below water. It's very easy to use while being able to handle spills and you can still expect sharp pictures when in shake-prone occasions. Expect high-quality, clear pictures as a general rule when using this waterproof camera as a result of the new-generation imaging engine.

Pentax WG-3

The Pros: This is a very durable that allows the user to use it in various types of above water and below water activities. The 3-inch screen functions well even in direct sun or underwater. It's easy to use even underwater, the buttons are easy to locate and are not slippery. The editing is fun and really easy to do while the pictures are still in the camera. There are a variety of shooting modes, which makes this a very versatile camera. It's also very comfortable to handle and well balanced in your hand.

The Cons: As most digital camera the battery does not last as long as users would prefer so a back up battery is necessary especially when on an adventure or vacation. The camera is too heavy to hang from a belt-loop and the strap needs to be sturdier.

The Bottom Line: The Pentax WG-3 is highly recommended by users that appreciate the clear pictures that can be taken both above and below water. It works well in low-light conditions, underwater and in non-water activities too. This is the perfect digital camera to take on vacations or when backpacking. It's durable, shockproof, dustproof, crush-proof and has a shake reduction stabilizing system that leads to sharp images even in situations where other models can give blurry results.

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