Yamaha YHT-S400

Yamaha YHT-S400 is a complete home theater system minus the wiring and the numerous tiny speakers that clutter your home. It comes with subwoofer-integrated receiver which produces 250-Watt total output: front speaker 50Wx3 + subwoofer 100W. It also has bluetooth connectivity for hook up to smartphone and play your favorite music.

Yamaha YHT-S400

This system is as flexible as they come. It is only 2 high and can be fitted easily in front of most 32 to 50 TV sets. The sound bar has a stand which can be removed or adjusted horizontally or vertically. Its features include Univolume, which maintains a consistent volume level at all times, AM/FM tuner, & the ability to connect to virtually any A/V source. The Air Surround Xtreme ensures amazing sound clarity and imaging that is second to none. The 7.1 channel, the position mode and the wide mode add to the variety.

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