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Sound bar speakers are designed to fulfill flat panel LCD and LED TV. These home theater systems leave no messy wire webs in your room, they are sleek and give you the best sound and take minimum space. They are designed to go right under TV mount, so that they look like one piece. These systems are specially designed to provide surround sound effect even though it is all built up in a single cabinet.

Initially sound bar systems were Left, Right and Centre speakers integrated into one single box. Most of these systems provide a good enough range of sound, but one might consider adding a woofer to the bar, to enhance the overall experience. If you are planning to install these in a four walled small and medium sized room, most of the available products would work well, but you might want to consider larger and more powerful systems if you have a larger room.

10 Best Sound Bars 2014

Samsung HW-E450
#1 - Samsung HW-E450
2.1-Channel 280W, Wireless Active Sub Woofer, 1 in/1 out HDMI, USB & Bluetooth
It follows the same sleek and low key design that allows you to seamlessly blend it with your flat screen TV. It has a wireless subwoofer, bluetooth connectivity and features Samsungís 3D Sound Plus.
Ratings : Samsung HW-E450 Ratings
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Sony HT-CT150
#2 - Sony HT-CT150
7.1-Channel 340W, Frequency 180-20kHz, 3D Pass-Through, 3 in/1 out HDMI
It produces full sound without maxing out the volume. It's Sony quality performance that includes crisp, crystal clear vocals. No need for extra speakers and forget about the ugliness of wires running across your room.
Ratings : Sony HT-CT150 Ratings

Vizio VSB200
#3 - Vizio VSB200
60Hz to 20kHz Frequency, Class-D Amplifier, SRS TruSurround HD & TruVolume
It has a stylish design with rounded edges and two legs that function as a stand and can be used for wall mounting. It has a truvolume feature which prevents the volume from suddenly spiking up while you are flipping channels on your television.
Ratings : Vizio VSB200 Ratings

LG NB3520A
#4 - LG NB3520A
2.1-Channel 300W, Wireless Subwoofer, Silk Dome Speaker, USB & Bluetooth
LG has opted for a more traditional design for the NB3520A that you can put it on the cabinet or mount it on the wall with bracket provided. Its subwoofer is wireless, so you do not have to worry about cables running from the speaker to the woofer.
Ratings : LG NB3520A Ratings

Yamaha YAS-101
#5 - Yamaha YAS-101
7.1-Channel 120W, Frequency 150-20kHz, Built-in Subwoofer, Dolby & DTS Digital
It's sleek design, powerful bass & clear trebles and flexible enough to be installed anywhere. This might not be the most powerful audio system that you have seen but being Yamaha it certainly beats a lot of its competitors with its performance.
Ratings : Yamaha YAS-101 Ratings

Yamaha YHT-S401
#6 - Yamaha YHT-S401
7.1-Channel 250W, Frequency 35-20kHz, Subwoofer-Integrated Receiver, USB
The installation and placement is conveniently versatile and you can place it vertically as well as horizontally. It also comes with an AV Receiver and subwoofer. Add on features include a USB terminal and an iPhone dock.
Ratings : Yamaha YHT-S401 Ratings

Coby CSMP88
#7 - Coby CSMP88
80-Watt, Frequency 20-20kHz, Multimedia 3D, RCA & Stereo Inputs, Plug & Play
The best part however comes when you switch on the speakers. The sound is not ground breaking. But itís crisp and definitely a step-up from your TV speakers. The bass is loud and deep.
Ratings : Coby CSMP88 Ratings

Philips CSS2123/F7
#8 - Philips CSS2123/F7
60-Watt, Virtual Surround Sound, Separate Subwoofer, DoubleBASS, Music iLINK
It's a sleek low rise design that fits perfectly in front of the TV. The compact size ensures that it doesn't clutter the room. Installation is extremely easy, just connect it to a power source and to your TV and you are set to go.
Ratings : Philips CSS2123/F7 Ratings

Samsung HW-E550
#9 - Samsung HW-E550
2.1 Channels 310W, Frequency 20-20kHz, Wireless Subwoofer, HDMI, Bluetooth
It's a compact, minimalistic and dťcor friendly soundbar that offers flexible installation options. It features 2 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output that enables seamless connectivity to Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and gaming consoles.
Ratings : Samsung HW-E550 Ratings

Samsung HW-E551
#10 - Samsung HW-E551
2.1 Channels 310W, Frequency 20-20kHz, Wireless Subwoofer, HDMI, Bluetooth
It's a sleekly designed soundbar with a metallic finish on both speakers as well as sub-woofers. Installation is flexible. You can lock it together and use it as one single soundbar which can be kept on a TV Stand or mounted on the wall.
Ratings : Samsung HW-E551 Ratings

What it can do

As we have moved on, from the thick and bulky TV of our past era, to the leaner and slimmer LCD and LED HDTV, so have the audio systems. You no longer have to buy the 5.1 or 7.1 home theatre systems and clutter your room with speakers everywhere and wires hanging all over the place.

Most of the sound bars are powered ones, so all you have to do is to connect your TV audio out to the audios in of the system and you are good to go. But if you already own a home theatre receiver, you might want to buy a non-powered bar, so that you can connect your receiver to the bar and have a better sound experience because of all the extra processing in your receiver.

These systems are also available in wireless mode, so that you get rid of whatever minimum wiring their wired counterparts have. And if you are looking for a HD experience, then look for the ones which have HDMI cables, so that you donít lose out on the HD Audio sound. All in all, sound bars are the best solutions for people who donít want the hassle of setting up home theaters and want something sleek without compromising on the quality.

How it works

Having a perfect picture quality is not the only requirement that will give you the best television experience. You also need to have better surround system. The normal inbuilt speakers generally fail to provide you with such an impact and facility. In such situations, having a sound bar is the best solution. Basically it's a single speaker in the shape of a long bar. It actually has typically around seven small speakers inside it which are capable of producing dynamic sound. The small speakers are placed in such a manner that it gives a surround sound effect.

Surround Sound Technology

The technology is developed in such a fashion that it forces our senses to believe the sound is not coming from a single source but from the surroundings as a whole. You should also note that in order to make the system more convenient for use, no compromise has been done when it comes to quality. One will get the same experience as that from a conventional surround system.

You can get sound bars of varied types, each for a specific purpose. For instance, there are bars that are dedicated on providing good stereo only, while some are designed to provide what you get from a surround system. Technically, it sends unique beams for each specific channel like for left-right, centre, and front left-right. The sounds from the system bounces back on striking the wall and facilitate surround sound effect.

How many types

Sound bars can be classified into two types: Passive and active. A passive type requires an amplifier or receiver that should be attached to it, in order to work. On the other hand, an active type doesnít need any such extra equipment; all you need to do is plug it in. Active sound bar can provide an outcome equivalent to that of a 5.1 channel system.

Thing to know before buying

The shape and size of the room plays an important role while buying a sound bar system. In case you have more windows facing your TV then you have to buy sound bar speaker other than those, which work on the mechanism in which sound has to bounce back from walls. Even if you frequently change your house, then this system can prove to be much beneficial when it comes to ease of use and moving it from one place to another. It also occupies less space giving you more room for other things. You can also avoid that fussy wire connection, which has to be done during the process of installation.

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