Soleus Air PH3-12R-03

Many people appreciate the convenience of a portable air conditioner and the Soleus Air PH3-12R-03 is not just an air conditioner it is also a heater and dehumidifier with a 3-speed fan. Many people enjoy the 24-hour programmable timer because it gives them peace of mind and allow them to enjoy sleeping in comfort without worrying about the unit running all night. This conditioner gives the power of 12,000 BTU along with the 12,200 BTU heater ability, which most other units that have both will give a much lower heat BTU as compared to the cooling power.

Soleus Air PH3-12R-03

What we like: It comes with multi-color display, which looks really nice. Display is a bright VFD with simple animations featuring the unit's current function and a basic clock. It's also easy to adjust the level of noise by using a lower fan setting. A really nice feature is that when on the heat setting the unit waits to blow out air until the unit has had time to heat up so you don't get a blast of cold air like happens with other models.

What we don't like: The fan is pretty noisy when in the cooling/heating/ or dehumidifying modes and the exhaust fan at the back of the unit is also quite noisy.

The bottom line: The Soleus Air PH3-12R-03 is a good economical choice for all-year comfort for average sized rooms. It is recommended for supplemental heating and cooling needs and packs a lot of power for less money than other comparable units. It is probably not ideal for those looking to cool or heat an entire floor especially an open floor plan but it is more than adequate for the needs of most closed rooms.

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