Samsung 840 Pro Series

The Samsung 840 comes in three different sizes; you can get a 120 gigabyte model, a 250 gigabyte drive and a 500 gigabyte one as well. A larger size is always best for a storage device because as you move files and data on and off the drive you'll start wearing out the memory. This happens much faster on an SSD than it does on a normal hard drive but luckily with the 840 Pro it'll last a lot longer. In fact the five year warranty on the drive can help put your mind at ease when you hear about the reliability issues experienced with many other solid state drives.

Samsung 840 Pro Series

It is also much better for those of you who run multiple programs at once. While any SSD will make your computer run faster it is still often a tasking experience for a computer to handle more than one program. Once you start having editing programs, importing software, music players, web browsing in multiple windows and gaming all going at the same time you'll find your computer dragging. While you certainly won't be doing all these things at once very often, having the ability to run as many as you want is a lot easier with the superior 4th generation and 3 core controller. It's one of the fastest and most efficient ways to do whatever you want on your computer.

Samsung claimed that it's also able to boot up your computer in less than 10 seconds and enhance battery life for your PC or laptop as well. It's even more reliable because all of the components in the drive are made by Samsung and none of them are moving parts. Your data will be protected, encrypted and reliably stored so you don't have to lose any sleep over its security.

Samsung continues to be a pioneer when it comes to quality and superior electronic components. The company and their products are hard to beat in many cases and have really pushed the boundaries regarding reliability with the 840 Pro solid state drive. This lightweight drive can hold your data, protect it, and make your computer run faster no matter how many programs you are running, an important benefit for avid computer users.

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