Solid State Drive

Solid state drive (SSD) is a kind of storage devices that was designed to function like a hard disk drive. It records data in solid-state memory which integrated several pieces to provide greater capacity. So it has no rotating parts like HDD that makes it runs quieter and saves energy. And because all processes are electronic that makes SSD runs faster whether boot up time, opening/switching programs, search files etc.

For this reason, we can not deny the fact that solid state drive is a much more advanced and superior storage technology than traditional hard drives. No wonder, they are fast becoming the data storage systems of choice for almost every consumer today. Therefore, it makes sense to start using this cutting-edge storage technology, and avail numerous benefits that these SSD drives offer to the users.

Top 10 SSD Drives 2015

Crucial m4
Crucial m4
64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB, SATA III, Withstand Shock, 3-Year Warranty
This unit has been getting more and more popular because of the speed at which they can load up programs and media stored on the drive, and they are a very speedy addition to any PC.
Ratings : Crucial m4 Ratings
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OCZ Vertex 4
OCZ Vertex 4
64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB, Windows/Mac/Linux Ready, 5-Year Warranty
One of the more popular solid state drives talked about lately has been from OCZ technology who has made a few different models, with the latest and most reliable one being the Vertex 4.
Ratings : OCZ Vertex 4 Ratings

Samsung 840 Pro Series
Samsung 840 Pro Series
128GB/256GB/512GB, AES 256-bit Full-disk Encryption, 5-Year Warranty
It's also able to boot up your computer in less than 10 seconds and enhance battery life for your PC or laptop as well. Your data will be protected, encrypted and reliably stored so you don't have to lose any sleep over its security.
Ratings : Samsung 840 Pro Series Ratings

Seagate Momentus XT
Seagate Momentus XT
500GB/750GB, Compatible with any OS, 3x Faster than HDD, 3-Year Warranty
This drive manages to combine size and speed into one reliable and fast hard drive. This is why it has gotten a lot of attention; it is one of the first hard drives to attempt to deliver SSD speed with the desired storage space of a normal hard drive.
Ratings : Seagate Momentus XT Ratings

SanDisk Extreme
SanDisk Extreme
120GB/240GB/480GB, Noise Reduction, Energy Efficient, 3-Year Warranty
This drive is also a great way to upgrade your computer for media purposes without having to spend a lot of money. You'll be able to boost the speed of games, software and media programs easily with a hard drive that is virtually plug and play.
Ratings : SanDisk Extreme Ratings

Kingston HyperX 3K
Kingston HyperX 3K
90GB/120GB/240GB/480GB, SATA Rev 3.0, Shock-Proof, 3-Year Warranty
It can also experience faster transfers when they have large media files and the drive works with large applications or high-resolution PC games. The three things that make this drive special are: speed, superior performance and ease of installation.
Ratings : Kingston HyperX 3K Ratings

Intel 520 Series
Intel 520 Series
60GB/120GB/180GB/240GB/480GB, SATA 3, Data Encryption, 5-Year Warranty
It includes many features and positive aspects that are desirable for anyone looking for a reliable computer component to store data, or needs a durable repository for documents, files, programs and applications.
Ratings : Intel 520 Series Ratings

OCZ Vector Series
OCZ Vector Series
128GB/256GB/512GB, SATA III / 6Gbps, PC & Mac Compatibile, 5-Year Warranty
It is designed for delivering superior performance, this SSD embodies both reliability and endurance. The housing is made of sleek alloy and is as slim as the latest notebooks. Perfect for those wishing to refresh and old laptop.
Ratings : OCZ Vector Series Ratings

Intel 330 Series
Intel 330 Series
60GB/120GB/180GB, SATA 3 6Gb/s, 25nm MLC NAND Flash, 3-Year Warranty
This particular unit is also astonishingly fast and easy to install. Typically installation can be accomplished in an hour or less. Users will notice faster boot up times and faster browsing speeds as well as faster loading of all games.
Ratings : Intel 330 Series Ratings

Verbatim SATA III
Verbatim SATA III
120GB/240GB, SATA 3 6Gb/s, 1500G Shock Rating, 3-Year Warranty
It's fast performance and how well working with Linux systems. Users also like that it runs quietly and is compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista operating systems and can also be used for Mac.
Ratings : Verbatim SATA III Ratings

What is it

In terms of appearance, the solid state drive looks very much similar to traditional hard drives. However, there is a world of difference between their functioning and efficiency. Whereas traditional hard drives consist of moving parts that contain one or more discs to store data, in SSDs there are no moving parts at all. Thatís why they are called solid state drives. These drives function exactly like USB drives, that is, they store data with the help of flash memory cells. Apart from lightening fast storage and retrieval of data, one of the main advantages of this type of storage is that these drives can even retain data in case of power failure. In simpler terms, there are no read-write heads in a SSD. Instead SSDs accomplish the purpose of storing information with the help of memory cells.


Upgrading to SSDís can offer you tremendous benefits. Letís have a look at some of the prominent ones:
  • You will find a world of difference in the windows boot up time. The solid state drive is exceptionally fast and offers you speed that you may not have imagined before.
  • SSDís drives are much more shock and vibration resistance than traditional drives. This just means that you can take them anywhere without worrying about the protection of your data.
  • They are a great power saver. Since they get to work almost immediately on switching on the power, they are much more efficient and consume a fraction of power of traditional drives.
  • The data access speeds in case of a solid state drive is comparable to the random access memory (RAM) because SSDís use flash memory cells to store data.
  • Another advantage of memory cells is that the data in these cells can be accessed in any order, and this may be one of the main reasons for high speeds of these drives.


It would not be wrong to say that the solid state drive is essentially the next big thing in storage devices industry. Though SSDís are a little bit more expensive than the traditional drives, the good news is that their prices have been decreasing steadily. So, this is probably the best time to purchase a SSD drive, and upgrade your system to attain lightning fast speeds.

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