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Top 10 Induction Cooktops

Induction Cooktop


The latest rage in the world of kitchen appliances is the induction cooktop. This technology is fast catching up with people worldwide, with more and more people starting to prefer them over gas or electric cooktops. Although the use of induction to cook food is not a new invention, it is only lately that it has started to gain popularity. It works on electromagnetic current, which is used to heat the cookware.

Once you put on the stove, the coil underneath the cooktop carries electricity and generates an electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field activates the iron molecules present in the cookware which is placed over the induction cooktop. The heat thus created is used to cook food.

Top 10 Induction Cooktops 2014

Duxtop 8300ST
Duxtop 8300ST
10 Levels 200-1800W, Touch Panel, Child Safety Lock system, Auto-Pan Detection
It looks elegant on your countertop, table or by the sink. It is recommended for cooks looking to use an extra burner inside or out. It comes in handy when time is short and you need to have a burner that heats food up fast.
Ratings : Duxtop 8300ST Ratings
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Duxtop 8100MC
Duxtop 8100MC
10 Levels 200-1800 Watts, 170 min Count-Down Timer, Auto-Pan Detection
It's also important to individuals in need of extra cooking space in the busy kitchen because it give an extra cooking surface, are lightweight and compact making them easy to store and move.
Ratings : Duxtop 8100MC Ratings

Max Burton 6015
Max Burton 6015
10 Levels 140F - 450F, Stainless Steel Interface Disk, Overheat Sensor
It can be placed on any surface (countertop, table) and it is easy to move because it is lightweight. It comes with an interface disc, which allows you to cook on multiple cookware types including clay.
Ratings : Max Burton 6015 Ratings

7 Power & 13 Warm Settings, Touch-sensitive LED Panel, Up to 8 hours Timer
This model has touch-sensitive LED panel with a control lock and dual functions for warming and cooking food. Words to describe this cooktop are accurate, fast and responsive.
Ratings : SPT SR-964TS Ratings

True Induction S2F2 Double Burner
True Induction S2F2 Double Burner
1800 Watts, 10 Level Selection (150F - 450F), Max Timer up to 150 mins
The double burner cooktop comes in handy for entertaining or for large family dinners where extra burners come in handy. The kitchen stays cool when unit is in use, which comes in handy during hot weather months.
Ratings : True Induction S2F2 Double Burner Ratings

NuWave PIC-1300
NuWave PIC-1300
1300 Watts, 6 pre-Programmed Settings, 52 Temperature Levels (100F - 575F)
It has the energy efficiency factor built into this unit. This is so important in a world where utility costs are rocketing out of control. The 52 temperature levels make it fun to cook and the programmable buttons give real control and power to the home chef.
Ratings : NuWave PIC-1300 Ratings

Fagor 2PC Induction Set
Fagor 2PC Induction Set
10 Setting 300-1600W, 2-piece Set: Induction Burner & Induction Ready Skillet
This unit is well-designed, easy to use controls and the perfect size for small spaces. The non-stick frying pan has a magnetic heat disk that is bonded to the bottom and is well built and very attractive looking.
Ratings : Fagor 2PC Induction Set Ratings

BergHOFF Studio 1810027
BergHOFF Studio 1810027
200 Watts 140-464F, 0-180 mins Timer, Touch Pad Control Panel, LED Indication
The control panel makes it easy to regulate power and temperature. Users are assured of safety because this unit has multiple protections built in that guard against overheating/over currents/over voltage input.
Ratings : BergHOFF Studio 1810027 Ratings

Max Burton 6050
Max Burton 6050
1800 Watts, 10 Levels 140F - 450F, Induction Interface Disk, 180-min Timer
It has 10 temperature levels and an induction interface disk so there may be no need to replace your current cookware. Perfect for those traveling in an RV because it cooks much faster than propane stove and is portable for outdoor cooking too.
Ratings : Max Burton 6050 Ratings

Nesco PIC-14
Nesco PIC-14
1500 Watts, 5 Touch Controls, 84% Energy Efficient, Durable Ceramic Glass Top
This unit is very handy and lightweight to carry it around. It heats up rapidly and made from durable ceramic glass for long-lasting and good looking. Many really like that it is energy efficient.
Ratings : Nesco PIC-14 Ratings


There are a number of factors which have added to their popularity. Some of these factors are:

Faster Cooking: You can cook food much faster on an induction cooktop than on an electric or a gas cooktop. The cookware gets heated as soon as you place it on the cooktop. Some reports claim that it is capable of cooking food twice as fast as other means of cooking.

Safer Cooking: Those who have witnessed or experienced kitchen accidents, would have realized how important it is to have a cooktop which is safe. This unit does not get heated up unless you place the cookware on it. This means, even if you switch on it accidently and touch it, you would not burn yourself because the surface does not get heated up. It is even better for houses that have kids living in them.

Does Not Heat Up the Kitchen: With this unit, only the utensil gets heated, and no heat escapes. This makes it one of the coolest ways of cooking food because the kitchen does not get heated up.

Eco friendly: It is a superb choice for the eco friendly families. It uses heat most effectively, and there is no wastage which makes it the most energy efficient forms of cooking.

Better Cooking: The heat generated in an induction cooktop is consistent and even, which means that food cooks more efficiently.

Installed Anywhere: Because it doesn't need gas and the atmosphere does not get heated up. So, it can be installed anywhere you wish, including the living room if the need arises.

Aesthetically Appealing: An induction cooktop has a neat look that makes your kitchen look elegant, innovative and eco friendly.

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