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Matt Haig is a renowned British author whose literary works have captivated readers across the globe. With a unique blend of originality, experience, and authority, Haig has established himself as a leading voice in contemporary fiction and non-fiction. In this article, we explore some of the best books penned by this talented wordsmith, showcasing his exceptional storytelling skills and profound insights into the human experience.

With a diverse repertoire of works spanning various genres, Matt Haig has repeatedly proven his ability to create narratives that resonate deeply with readers. His novels, including "The Humans" and "How to Stop Time," offer thought-provoking explorations of what it means to be human, delving into themes of love, loss, and identity. Furthermore, Haig's non-fiction works such as "Reasons to Stay Alive" and "Notes on a Nervous Planet" provide invaluable perspectives on mental health, embracing vulnerability, and finding hope amidst life's challenges. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to Haig's writings, this article serves as a guide to his best books, inviting you to embark on unforgettable literary journeys that will leave a lasting impact.

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Bestselling books by Matt Haig: our recommendations

Author: - Publisher: Penguin Life - ASIN: 0143128728

In Reasons to Stay Alive, Matt Haig poignantly captures the depths of depression and anxiety, offering a raw and honest portrayal of his personal struggles. With a unique blend of memoir and self-help, Haig provides solace, understanding, and a glimmer of hope to anyone who has experienced these mental health challenges.

From the pursuit of happiness to the power of love and friendship, the author explores various themes, sharing insights and coping mechanisms that have helped him navigate the darkest moments. Haig's writing style is engrossing, effortlessly conveying emotions while maintaining a sense of levity. His vulnerability is incredibly relatable, allowing readers to engage with the profound impact of mental illness.

Reasons to Stay Alive is a remarkable book that beautifully articulates the complexities of mental health. Haig's story is a testament to resilience, reminding us that we are never alone in our battle. It is a vital resource for those struggling, as well as an eye-opening read for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of the human experience.

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Our rating:: 9.6

$9.93 $17.00 

Author: Kindle Amazon - Publisher: Penguin Books - ASIN: B072Q8WX9K

How to Stop Time is an enchanting novel that beautifully weaves together historical elements and a compelling storyline. Matt Haig's writing captivates the reader from start to finish, taking them on a journey through different time periods and delving into the emotional depth of the protagonist's immortality. Haig's portrayal of the human condition, loneliness, and the desire for connection is truly remarkable. The way he seamlessly incorporates historical events and figures adds an extra layer of richness to the narrative, making it a truly immersive experience. As a reader, you cannot help but become immersed in Tom Hazard's world and empathize with his struggles. How to Stop Time is a thought-provoking and deeply moving novel that explores the complexities of life, time, and what it means to be truly alive.

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Our rating:: 9.3


Author: - Publisher: Simon & Schuster - ASIN: 1476730598

Matt Haig's "The Humans: A Novel" is an extraordinary exploration of what it means to be human. Haig's brilliance lies in his ability to seamlessly blend humor, emotion, and profound insights within this captivating story. Through the eyes of an alien who assumes a human's identity, the reader is taken on a transformative journey of love, loss, and self-discovery.

The book delves deep into the human condition, examining our flaws, vulnerabilities, and the paradoxes that make us beautifully imperfect. Haig's writing is both thought-provoking and deeply empathetic, reaching out to the reader's own humanity in a way that is rarely encountered. The rawness and authenticity of his prose render the characters and their experiences incredibly relatable, further strengthening the impact of the narrative.

Humorous and heart-wrenching, "The Humans" challenges our preconceptions and offers profound existential insights. It compassionately reminds us of the preciousness of life, the importance of connection and the power of small moments. Haig's masterful storytelling skills coupled with his unparalleled understanding of human nature make this novel an unforgettable experience that will resonate long after the final page.

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Our rating:: 8.9

$11.49 $18.99 

Author: Kindle Amazon - Publisher: Penguin Life - ASIN: B08M968WT1

The Comfort Book by Kindle Amazon is a literary treasure that offers solace and solace in every page. This beautifully written collection encompasses a myriad of heartfelt stories, powerful insights, and comforting words that resonate deeply with readers. Each paragraph gracefully delves into the intricacies of human emotions, providing a profound sense of understanding and validation. The book's thought-provoking themes, coupled with its poetic prose, have the ability to uplift and heal the soul. By delving into topics such as love, loss, and self-discovery, the author authentically connects with readers, making them feel seen and heard. The Comfort Book is truly a masterpiece that showcases Kindle Amazon's exceptional literary prowess, as it effortlessly captures the essence of what it means to be human. - Regenerate text

Our rating:: 8.7


Author: - Publisher: Penguin Books - ASIN: 0525559493

The Midnight Library: A Novel by Matt Haig is a captivating and thought-provoking story that effortlessly blends elements of fantasy, philosophy, and human emotions. Haig's writing style is compelling, with vivid descriptions that make it easy to immerse oneself in the story.

The concept of a library where one can explore various parallel lives through books is intriguing and allows for deep reflections on the choices we make and the regrets we may carry. Through the character of Nora Seed, the author skillfully delves into themes of regret, second chances, and the pursuit of happiness.

What makes this book truly remarkable is its ability to evoke genuine emotions in the reader. From moments of triumph to despair, I found myself completely invested in Nora's journey and rooting for her self-discovery. The narrative is both profound and accessible, making it a compelling read for a wide range of audiences.

Haig's exploration of mental health and the impact of our choices on our well-being is both sensitive and insightful. He effortlessly tackles these complex topics with compassion and authenticity, leaving readers with a profound understanding of the importance of self-acceptance and finding joy in the present.

The Midnight Library is a beautifully written and deeply moving novel that will resonate with readers long after they turn the final page. Haig's masterful storytelling and profound insights make this book a must-read for anyone seeking a poignant and uplifting tale of self-discovery, second chances, and the power of embracing life's imperfections.

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Our rating:: 8.1

$16.20 $18.00 

Best book by Matt Haig: the must read

Selecting the best book by Matt Haig may be more difficult than you believe. That being said, based on readers reviews, The Humans: A Novel at the price of $12.99 is the best book by Matt Haig available in the market:

Our choice
The Humans: A Novel

The Humans: A Novel


After carefully reviewing the works of Matt Haig, it is clear that he is a remarkable author who has the ability to captivate readers with his insightful storytelling. From the heart-wrenching "How to Stop Time" to the thought-provoking "The Midnight Library," Haig consistently demonstrates originality and an exceptional talent for addressing complex and deeply human themes. His diverse range of books allows readers to explore various genres while still experiencing the unique voice that is characteristic of his writing. Whether exploring mental health, time travel, or the mysteries of life, Haig's books offer a meaningful and enlightening experience that stays with readers long after they have turned the final page.

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Books by Matt Haig on sale

SaleOffer No. 1
The Life Impossible: A Novel
The Life Impossible: A Novel
Hardcover Book; Haig, Matt (Author); English (Publication Language); 368 Pages - 09/03/2024 (Publication Date) - Viking (Publisher)
$30.00 −$9.00 $21.00
SaleOffer No. 2
Reasons to Stay Alive
Reasons to Stay Alive
Audible Audiobook; Matt Haig (Author) - Matt Haig (Narrator); English (Publication Language)
$11.25 −$1.41 $9.84
SaleOffer No. 3
The Life Impossible: A Novel
The Life Impossible: A Novel
Audible Audiobook; Matt Haig (Author); English (Publication Language); 09/03/2024 (Publication Date) - Penguin Audio (Publisher)
$22.75 −$2.84 $19.91
SaleOffer No. 4
Notes on a Nervous Planet
Notes on a Nervous Planet
Haig, Matt (Author); English (Publication Language); 304 Pages - 01/29/2019 (Publication Date) - Penguin Life (Publisher)
$17.00 −$6.59 $10.41

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