Beautiful garden can improve the beauty of the home up to a large extend; moreover, for a lot of people, gardening is a hobby. It is very nice to spend the free hours in the morning or evening, planting new orchids or roses in the garden and taking care of them. However, the big issue that we face while gardening is the preparation of the ground. It is a tough job and demands much effort and hard work especially if the ground is new and hard. Here, you can use a power Tiller to get this job done quickly and effectively. It can help you to make your garden soil finely tilled and aerated making it ideal for your favorite plants to grow quickly.

Tillers are available in two types depending on the prime mover used; electric motor and gas engines are commonly used in it. The electric Tillers are more compact and ideal for domestic purposes as it is silent and easy to handle. Moreover, it is easy to start, and can be used even in narrow rows and along fences as they are small in size and light weight, yet powerful and can easily break new grounds. Electric Tiller can help you to turn hard soil into fluffy in a fraction of time that too without hard work. One of the drawbacks of the electric machine is that it requires continuous electric power for its operation, so an extension cable of enough length to get around your garden, will be required for its operation.

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If you are unable to work with a corded electric machine, you can choose the gas Tiller, which use small gasoline engine to generate power required to turn the blades. It is heavier than the electric Tiller, but they can be carried to anywhere you want, giving you absolute freedom to move. They are more powerful and can be used for both domestic and agricultural purposes. Commonly two or four stroke gasoline engines are used on them; the two stroke engines are smoother and silent whereas four stroke engines are bit noisy, but they are more fuel efficient.

Cultivators are again classified according to the orientation of the tine, such as front tine and Rear Tine Tiller. Front tine models have tines, which are front- mounted and rotate in the frontward direction and those are ideal for small gardens and loosely packed soils. In the Rear Tine machine, the tines are placed behind the wheels and are best suited to rocky or new surfaces that have never been tilled before. Tillers are now available to suit every requirement, and it is up to you to select the model that can meet all your requirements.

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