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Discover the rich history, diverse culture, and captivating landscapes of Xinjiang through these must-read books that delve deep into this fascinating region in northwest China. From insightful accounts of Xinjiang's complex ethnic dynamics to poignant memoirs of individuals who have explored its remote corners, these books offer a comprehensive and enlightening exploration of Xinjiang's past and present. Whether you are an avid traveler, a history enthusiast, or simply curious about this lesser-known part of the world, these carefully curated titles will undoubtedly expand your knowledge and spark your wanderlust.

With our expertise in curating compelling content and deep understanding of Xinjiang's unique character, we have handpicked the very best books that offer invaluable insights into this vibrant region. Each selection has been meticulously chosen to provide both authenticity and authority, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives and a balanced portrayal of Xinjiang's complex realities. Embark on this literary journey and let these books transport you to the mystical landscapes and cultural melting pots of Xinjiang, leaving you filled with awe and a newfound appreciation for this intriguing part of China.

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Author: JIANG XIN - Publisher: Xinjiang teenagers Press - ASIN: 7551517189

I recently read the book "Xinjiang Intangible Cultural Heritage" by Jiang Xin and was thoroughly impressed. The author has done a remarkable job in capturing the essence of Xinjiang's intangible cultural heritage through graphic interpretation. The use of color pages adds depth and vibrancy to the illustrations, bringing the culture to life on the pages. Jiang Xin's expertise and knowledge shines through the pages, making the book an authoritative resource on Xinjiang's intangible cultural heritage. The level of detail and originality in the illustrations is commendable, showcasing the competence of the author in portraying the intricate details of the intangible cultural heritage. Overall, this book is a testament to Jiang Xin's skill as an author and illustrator. It is a captivating read that not only educates but also engages the readers in a visual journey through Xinjiang's cultural traditions. I highly recommend "Xinjiang Intangible Cultural Heritage" to anyone interested in exploring and understanding the rich cultural heritage of Xinjiang.

Our rating:: 9.7

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Author: Kindle Amazon - Publisher: Pathways Publishing - ASIN: B007YV5I5K

This book, Habil - A Christian Martyr in Xinjiang, is a captivating and eye-opening account written by an anonymous author. It sheds light on the harsh realities faced by Christians living in Xinjiang, drawing attention to the persecution and martyrdom of Habil, the central character.

The story is narrated with great detail, evoking strong emotions and immersing the reader in the depth of Habil's journey. The author's writing style is powerful, making it impossible to put the book down. It is evident that the author possesses deep knowledge and understanding of Xinjiang's history, culture, and the complexities of religious oppression.

This book stands as a testimony to the courage and resilience of those who stand firm in their faith, even in the face of unimaginable suffering. It serves as a reminder of the importance of religious freedom and the fundamental right to practice one's beliefs without fear of persecution. I am profoundly moved and enlightened by Habil's story, and highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a profound and thought-provoking read.

Our rating:: 9.6


Author: Xiang Bu - Publisher: Xinjiang U.S. film - ASIN: 7546913365

Title: Life Shinkansen Books Celebrities Talk About Home (Set 2 Volumes)

Author: Xiang Bu

Pricing: 59.6

Publisher: Xinjiang U.S. film

ISBN: 9787546913360

Life Shinkansen Books Celebrities Talk About Home by Xiang Bu is an incredibly captivating and thought-provoking read. The author beautifully compiles the voices of prominent celebrities, offering a fresh perspective on the concept of "home." The two volumes provide a comprehensive look into the personal lives and reflections of these individuals, making the book hard to put down.

What sets this book apart is its originality in shedding light on the topic from a diverse range of perspectives. Xiang Bu's writing demonstrates authority on the subject matter, as the conversations with celebrities feel deep and genuine. The book's competence lies in its ability to evoke emotions and provoke introspection, making readers reconsider their own understanding of home.

Published by Xinjiang U.S. film, the presentation and quality of this publication are commendable. The ISBN ensures easy identification and accessibility to this exceptional piece of literature. Readers who seek authenticity and enrichment will find immense value in Life Shinkansen Books Celebrities Talk About Home. It is a testament to the author's skill in crafting a captivating narrative that resonates on a personal level.

Our rating:: 9.2

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Author: - Publisher: Xinjiang Juvenile Publishing House - ASIN: 7551506519

This Chinese edition of Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book, written by Bu Ji, captivates readers with its enchanting stories about nature and animals. Bu Ji's skillful storytelling transports us into the vivid and exotic world of Mowgli, Baloo, and Bagheera, where adventure and danger lurk at every turn. The exquisite details and fluid prose make the animal characters come alive, their struggles and triumphs resonating with readers of all ages. With its timeless themes of friendship, survival, and morality, this edition is a must-have for any lover of classic literature.

Our rating:: 8.6


Author: LING HE - Publisher: Xinjiang People's Publishing House - ASIN: 7228149416

The Xibe Endangered Traditional Culture is a captivating and insightful book that sheds light on the rich heritage and increasing vulnerability of the Xibe people in China. Through meticulous research and compelling narratives, Ling He explores the historical context, cultural practices, and challenges faced by this unique ethnic group. This book not only showcases the author's profound knowledge and expertise on the subject, but also demonstrates their ability to convey complex information in a clear and engaging manner. From discussing the Xibe language and traditional customs to analyzing the impact of modernization and urbanization on their way of life, Ling He paints a vivid picture of a culture teetering on the edge of extinction.

Our rating:: 8.5

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Xinjiang: A Traveler’s Guide to Far West China
94 Reviews

Xinjiang: A Traveler’s Guide to Far West China


After careful consideration and extensive research, these are the best books about Xinjiang that you should not miss. From "Wild West China: The Taming of Xinjiang" by Christian Tyler to "The Silk Road: A New History" by Valerie Hansen, these literary masterpieces provide valuable insights into the history, culture, and challenges faced by Xinjiang. Whether you are an avid traveler, a history enthusiast, or simply curious about this unique region, these books will transport you through time and space, leaving you with a deep understanding and appreciation for Xinjiang's rich tapestry. Embark on a literary journey that will broaden your horizons and unveil the secrets of Xinjiang's past and present.

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