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Top 10 Trail Cameras

Trail Camera


Trail camera (also called scouting camera or game camera) is an outdoor device designed to monitor wildlife in the woods, specifically in hunting areas. It comes equipped with sensors that can detect movements in an area, and automatically captures the activity through images or videos. It is also designed to be a remote one, meaning you can leave it outside for a long time and still get outputs. Specifically built for the outdoors, the trail camera is the perfect surveillance gear for your hunting activity.

Most trail camera models are designed to blend with the forest environment, with colors playing along the shades of black, brown or green. Some even go a step further in camouflaging and adapt designs resembling leaves, barks, rocks, and other natural objects in the wild. Battery life also varies, depending on how intensively you want to use it.

Top 10 Trail Cameras 2014

Bushnell Trophy Cam 119436C
#1 - Bushnell Trophy Cam 119436C
8MP, 32 Infrared LED, Range 45 feet, B&W Text LCD, 1 Year Battery Life
This model has one of the best track records regarding battery life. The IR sensor is set wider than is typical for other model lens, which allows for capturing most of the game that goes by the cam.
Ratings : Bushnell Trophy Cam 119436C Ratings
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Moultrie Game Spy D55IRxt
#2 - Moultrie Game Spy D55IRxt
5MP, Infrared 50 ft Night Range, Weatherproof Camo Case, 6 C-cell Batteries
It's the one to use when you need to take day and night pictures but need the camera to be economical. It has the necessary features and quality that will allow you to take both day and night photos that won't be disappointing and the battery life is decent too.
Ratings : Moultrie Game Spy D55IRxt Ratings

Wildgame Innovations Red 6 N6E
#3 - Wildgame Innovations Red 6 N6E
5MP, Infrared 50 ft Night Range, Weatherproof Camo Case, 6 C-cell Batteries
The features of this cam are easy for anyone to use. It performs well and is good value for your money spent. It's useful for hunting deer and the perfect size because it's compact and packs easily.
Ratings : Wildgame Innovations Red 6 N6E Ratings

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD 119437C
#4 - Bushnell Trophy Cam HD 119437C
8MP, 720p HD Video, 32 Infrared LED, Range 60 feet, 0.6-sec Trigger Speed
It is the perfect mid-range priced camera when taking clear images in high-traffic areas is a must. It is different from other modelss because it captures high-quality full color pictures as well as 720p HD video with audio record being available.
Ratings : Bushnell Trophy Cam HD 119437C Ratings

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max 119476C
#5 - Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max 119476C
8MP, 32 No Glow Black LED, 720p HD Video, 0.6-sec Trigger Speed, B&W Text LCD
A great feature is that there is no red light to spook deer away. It has LED that are almost invisible. The batteries last for several months even in high-traffic areas. It's very fast trigger speed and easy to program, which is necessary for the best pictures.
Ratings : Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max 119476C Ratings

Bushnell Trophy Cam X-8 119327C
#6 - Bushnell Trophy Cam X-8 119327C
6MP, 36 LED 45 feet Range, Day/Night Autosensor, 9 Months Battery Life
It comes to image quality, price, size or storage capacity, which make this field camera a good value. The long-term battery use is a great advantage over other trail cameras. It is easy to adjust the settings which is helpful.
Ratings : Bushnell Trophy Cam X-8 119327C Ratings

Moultrie M-990i
#7 - Moultrie M-990i
10MP No Glow Infrared, 720p Video with Sound, 70-ft Night Range, 2" LCD Screen
This is a true feature-rich mini cam with a no glow infrared flash and it has four operational modes or you can use it as a HD video camera for day or night use. It has long flash range, which is very useful to users.
Ratings : Moultrie M-990i Ratings

Features of the Camera

The special features of trail cameras are what distinguish them from the current digital ones. Basically, they operate silently, they are built for the outdoors and battery life is made to last for the demands of the job. Generally, there are three main features that separate them from the rest.

Weather Resistant - Specifically built to stand various weather conditions such as rain, snow, increasing temperatures and sudden humidity.

Invisible Flash - They avoid driving the animals away with the bright flash light, especially at night. They generally utilize infrared flash, allowing photo capture without the glare. This makes the images appear in monochrome, though. However, there are also models that can capture colored images at night using white flash.

Long Battery Life - Often ranging from one month to as long as a year.

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