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Top 10 Under Cabinet TV

Under Cabinet TV


Under cabinet TV is a type of television which called by place to install. It designed to mount under the cabinet in order to have space on counter, and it also has a swivel LCD screen that makes you simple to watch favorite TV programs from anywhere in the kitchen. Regular under counter TV consist of flip down LCD screen and almost come with built-in DVD player, digital TV tuner, AM/FM radio, speakers, A/V output and wireless remote control. An under cabinet TV is a great addition to any kitchen and you will be entertained while you are cooking or baking.

10 Best Under Cabinet TV 2014

Venturer KLV3915
#1 - Venturer KLV3915
15.4" LCD, Flips Around & Up, DVD Player, AM/FM Radio, Magnetic Remote Control
Highlight of this kitchen TV is large LCD display with 270° rotatable screen. That allows you to watch TV from anywhere in the kitchen. Remote control is magnetic feature for attaching to refrigerator door, in order not to missing it.
Ratings : Venturer KLV3915 Ratings
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Coby KTFDVD1093
#2 - Coby KTFDVD1093
10.2" LCD, Swivel Screen, DVD Player, AM/FM Radio, Stereo Speakers, A/V Input
It is a modern design digital TV for kitchen. It's easy to install with mounting kit, providing in the box. Picture quality is great in digital TV and DVD, fine in analog. It comes with AM/FM antennas and can hook up to basic cable.
Ratings : Coby KTFDVD1093 Ratings

Coby KTFDVD1560
#3 - Coby KTFDVD1560
15.6" Widescreen, Swivel/Folding Screen, DVD Player, AM/FM Radio, A/V Input
It is one of the under cabinet TV that has large screen with good picture and sound quality. It comes with A/V input jack that let your grandchild play video games while you are cooking.
Ratings : Coby KTFDVD1560 Ratings

Venturer KLR19132
#4 - Venturer KLR19132
15.6" 60Hz 720P LCD, Built-in WiFi Receiver, Clock & Kitchen Timer
This TV is a great option for your kitchen. Not only does this TV have a beautiful 15.6 inch 60 Hz LCD screen, but it even has built in Wi-Fi capabilities which will allow you to increase your entertainment options.
Ratings : Venturer KLR19132 Ratings

Venturer KLV39073E
#5 - Venturer KLV39073E
7" LCD TV/DVD Combo, Flip-up & Around Screen, AM/FM Radio
It provides you with many different entertainment options. Not only does it have a compact size that will allow it to easily fit underneath just about any kitchen cabinet, but it installs very easily as well.
Ratings : Venturer KLV39073E Ratings

Venturer KLV39103
#6 - Venturer KLV39103
10" TFT LCD, Built-in DVD Player, ATSC/NTSC TV Tuners, AM/FM Radio
It's a medium size LCD TV screen that shows a crisp, clear and beautiful picture. It displays images with 1024 x 567 resolution, so you will be able to enjoy a high quality image whether you are watching standard TV channels or HD movies on the built in DVD player.
Ratings : Venturer KLV39103 Ratings

Philips AJL750/37
#7 - Philips AJL750/37
7" LCD 16:9, Built-in DVD Player, ATSC & FM Tuner, Magnetic Remote Control
Appearance of it looks different from other kitchen TV. It has an innovative design to match with modern kitchen style. It has new feature likes MP3 Link which allows you to connect portable MP3 device and comes with stand behind display screen.
Ratings : Philips AJL750/37 Ratings

Venturer KLV39082
#8 - Venturer KLV39082
8" LCD, Flips Around & Up, DVD Player, AM/FM Radio, Magnetic Remote Control
It has good picture and sound quality for this screen size. It works well both antenna and satellite TV system. It's also easy to use and install. Completes with digital clock and timer function which helpful while cooking various menus.
Ratings : Venturer KLV39082 Ratings

Audiovox VE927
#9 - Audiovox VE927
9" Widescreen, Languages Selection, DVD Player, Digital TV Tuner, FM/AM Radio
It is a small TV but picture and sound quality are better than its size. Remote control has magnet for sticking to the fridge door. It's simple to install and has all features needed for the kitchen such as DVD player, radio or even cooking timer.
Ratings : Audiovox VE927 Ratings

Coby KTFDVD7093
#10 - Coby KTFDVD7093
7" Swivel Widescreen TFT, Built-in DVD Player, AM/FM Radio, Stereo Speakers
It is smallest screen size of Coby under cabinet TV that is suitable for low cabinet. But it's large enough to provide sharp pictures for watching from all distances in the kitchen. It also provides good sound though built-in stereo speakers.
Ratings : Coby KTFDVD7093 Ratings


When you have a television at a certain place of your kitchen, you can watch while you are preparing your meal, while eating and while washing the dirty dishes. You will no more procrastinate cleaning after your own mess just because your favourite celebrity chef is on the screen. Cooking after her own recipe will also be a lot easy for you because you can follow every cooking step just by watching her carefully. While working at the kitchen, focus is a main thing you need to have. A number of people have carelessly left their pots boiling and burning their food just because of being so distracted by the television. When you have an under cabinet TV, you can take a glimpse of the TV screen without totally taking your eyes from your cooking pot.


Installing a kitchen TV is not that difficult. You will only have to select the perfect location where it should be placed. Once you have chosen the specific cabinet where it should be installed, make sure that everything else is free of other electrical wirings for precautionary measures. Make sure that the place is also away from any source of heat such as gas stoves and the like.

You should also test if the television has a near electrical outlet next to it or if you will need an electrical cord extension for that matter. The under cabinet TV should also be visible to you, and place it somewhere comfortable for viewing. Secure the television by using screws and other reliable materials, and do not simply put it at a place where it can fall off easily during earthquakes or other calamities.

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