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Top 10 Under Cabinet Radios

Under Cabinet Radio


Under cabinet radio is an AM/FM radio which is designed for permanent installation in the kitchen. It is ideal for those who spend a long time in the kitchen. Regular under counter radio comes with a CD player as standard device. In the later models, it have line-in cable for connecting portable audio player. Generally it usually comes with digital clock and count-down timer that is a useful function to remind while cooking or baking. Aside from the kitchen, many people also installed it under cabinet in the RV (recreational vehicle) to provide entertainment during a long trip.

10 Best Under Cabinet Radios 2014

Sony ICF-CDK50
#1 - Sony ICF-CDK50
Digital FM/AM Tuner, CD-R/RW Playback, Built-in Audio Cable, Automatic Time Set
This under cabinet radio has slim design, about 4-inch height. It come with paper hole alignment for easy install. Both Radio and CD player work great, it also supports MP3 player. The speakers sound great with Bass Reflex system.
Ratings : Sony ICF-CDK50 Ratings
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#2 - GPX KC232S
AM/FM Radio, Slim Front Load Programmable CD Player, Flip Down MP3 Cradle
You can easily mount underneath your kitchen cabinet. GPX has built a great reputation when it comes to producing quality electronics and the KC232S is just another quality piece of equipment that they can add to their repertoire.
Ratings : GPX KC232S Ratings

#3 - RCA SPS3600
AM/FM Radio, 20 Preset Stations, CD Player, Flip-up MP3 Docking, Counter Light
SPS3600 comes with various features for using in the kitchen. It has a little LED for lighting counter beneath it. Sound quality is not bad and it can play music from MP3 player. It also has a flip-up MP3 holder which is big enough for iPhone.
Ratings : RCA SPS3600 Ratings

Coby KCD150
#4 - Coby KCD150
AM/FM Radio, Built-in CD Player, Multi-Function Alarm Clock, Full-Range Speakers
KCD150 has attractive design with attractive price. It comes with good sound quality and heard clearly throughout the kitchen. It's also easy to install to the cabinet. And because it's a digital AM/FM radio that make tuning and playback very easy.
Ratings : Coby KCD150 Ratings

Innovative Technology ITIU-760
#5 - Innovative Technology ITIU-760
Charge & Play iPad, Compatible with iPod & iPhone, AM/FM Radio, 2 Speakers
This product looks good, functions well and the radio sounds good. The iPad slides in and out easily and is very secure when in use. There is a charging cord, which is a nice feature not present in other models.
Ratings : Innovative Technology ITIU-760 Ratings

#6 - GPX KC220S
AM/FM Radio, Drawer-Load CD Player, MP3 Player Input, Front-Firing Speakers
KC220S has slim design and it's not too hard to install because of providing all necessary equipment. Sound quality is OK for enjoying music. With this unit you can listen to favorite songs from both CD and MP3 player.
Ratings : GPX KC220S Ratings

Emerson CKD1612
#7 - Emerson CKD1612
Digital AM/FM Tuner, Buzzer, FM Antenna, Built-In Digital Clock, CD Player
It has a beautiful red finish with a backlit red LCD display and measures only 9.1 x 2.9 inches. Itís pretty lightweight weighing only about 6 pounds, and itís also very easy to install thanks to the included mounting template and brackets.
Ratings : Emerson CKD1612 Ratings

Philips DC6210/37
#8 - Philips DC6210/37
AM/FM Digital Tuning, Play & Charge iPod/iPhone, Bass Reflex Speaker System
This is one of the higher end models amongst under the cabinet radio systems. It is a multifunctional radio kitchen clock that can double up as your iPod player dock and charger too. It's perfect for iPod and iPhone user.
Ratings : Philips DC6210/37 Ratings

Sony ICF-CD543RM
#9 - Sony ICF-CD543RM
4 Band Tuner (AM/FM/TV/Weather), Dynamic Bass Reflex System, Easy to Clean
Considered to be among the top of the line when it comes to this type of technology, it has been loaded with many great features including a superior speaker system equivalent to the ones that you will find in home theatre systems.
Ratings : Sony ICF-CD543RM Ratings

Jensen UTCMSR3007IP
#10 - Jensen UTCMSR3007IP
AM/FM/CD/iPod, 160W Stereo System for RV, SIRIUS Satellite Radio Ready
The Jensen UTCMSR3007IP is a high performance under cabinet stereo system is packed with 160 watts (40W x 4) of power and has many great features that will make having it in your RV a rewarding experience.
Ratings : Jensen UTCMSR3007IP Ratings


People had started putting radios in their kitchens during the Second World War when information on the most recent attacks and bombings were held imperative, and thus the under cabinet radio has arrived. Today, its significance does not go out of style even if other means of communication and acquisition of information are prevalent. Here are some of the reasons why it's helpful for people who often find themselves engrossed in doing kitchen duties.

Concentrate on Cooking - A study in Great Britain made an astounding discovery when they found that well performing cooks or chefs rely on an under cabinet radio. Listening to music or any kind of background sound while working on a huge batch of meal helps the cooks to keep their focus instead of being confused.

Requires Minimum Attention - Unlike televisions, it requires lesser attention from the people who are using it. Someone can chop vegetables and other meal ingredients without hurting their hand because the full focus of the person is there. He or she can listen to the news without taking their eyes away from the cooking pot. Multi-tasking in the kitchen becomes a lot easy and more convenient with the under counter radio.

Relieve Tension - Music has a great way of relaxing people who are in a constant rush. This is one of the reasons why the presence of a radio in kitchen is important. It will instantly flip the moods of the kitchen crew from grumpy and scuttling to be focused, happy and upbeat.

Space-Efficient - Unlike other radio types, an under cabinet radio doesn't consume too much space in your kitchen or even in RV. Installation is also a lot easier since the weight and size of it is relatively lighter and smaller.

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