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Winter is a time when the world seems to slow down after the busy summer months. People generally do not like to do a lot of physical activity especially if it involves doing outdoor chores. Snow in the winter can create some beautiful landscapes with everything covered in white. However, it may not seem all that rosy to someone who finds his driveway or walkway snowed in during the night. Snow blowers are what you need to solve this problem. Having a good snow blower can help you get rid of snow, as well as provide you with a source of enjoyment during the bleak winter months.

Most modern snow blowers are powered by an electric motor, or a gasoline or diesel engine. You can simply sit in the driving seat and drive the snow blower over the area to be cleared so that it can do its job. Snow blowers work by sucking in the snow from the ground and blowing it over to the side. Snow enters through one pipe and is discharged through another that is directed away from the area to be cleared.

Top 10 Snow Blowers 2015

Snow Joe SJ623E
Snow Joe SJ623E
720 lbs/minute, 18" wide & 10" deep, 25 ft throw distance, 15 amp motor
The Snow Joe SJ623E can spare your shoulders and back. Aside from that, this engine is easy and safe to use. The compact shape of this system makes the storing unit more convenient. With its different unique features and capacities.
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GreenWorks 26022
GreenWorks 26022
15 Amp Motor, 16" wide & 6" deep, 600 lbs/minute, 25 ft throw distance
GreenWorks 26022 is a very ideal lightweight and compact that has been specially designed for efficiently and quickly handling moderately snow fall. Its competitive price tag is also perfect for those who are on a tight budget.
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Toro 1800 Power Curve 38381
Toro 1800 Power Curve 38381
15 Amp Motor, 18" wide & 12" deep, 700 lbs/minute, 30 ft throw distance
This model has a fit out that is similar to the earlier models from the same company and it also has exactly the same easy to use and understand controls which have been intuitive to be used by both hands.
Ratings : Toro 1800 Power Curve 38381 Ratings


Actually, snow blowers have a number of benefits. Compared to using a shovel or even an electric shovel, a snow blower hardly takes a fraction of time to clear off the snow from your sidewalk. In fact, it can be used to clear the snow from every driveway in your neighborhood. With electric shovels, a common problem is that the shovel simply melts the snow to water, which later freezes to become ice. Driving or walking on such a slippery surface can be more dangerous than walking or driving on snow. In this way, a snow blower is both faster as well as safer. However, it is essential to maintain your snow blower regularly instead of simply parking it in your garage and forgetting about it the whole summer.

While snow blower offers great help in removing snow from the sidewalk, it can also provide great opportunities for fun and enjoyment. It is difficult to find a good preoccupation during the winter for both adults and children. Using a snow blower to clear away snow can not only be a good exercise, but children can enjoy themselves by watching you remove snow using a snow blower. It is also a good way of earning some extra money. You can offer to remove the snow from the walkways and driveways of your neighborsí houses and make a decent amount of money over the winter.

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