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What do you do in the sweltering summer months when the mercury is simply shooting up with no respite? If you do not take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your environment cool during the hot summer months, it could have serious consequences for your health. Here, dehydration could set in, and that might lead to many other problems including heatstroke. One simple solution exists in the form of a portable air conditioner that you can easily carry around with you to keep your environment within tolerable temperature ranges. Thanks to the portable air conditioner, you do not have to fan yourself constantly, to keep your body temperature control.

Top 10 Portable Air Conditioners 2015

Whynter ARC-14SH
Whynter ARC-14SH
14000 BTU Cooling, 13000 BTU Heating, 101 Pints Dehumidifier, Eco-Friendly
Suit for anyone in need of cooling a home or office. It can handle unique situations well such as very high ceilings, rooms that are not insulated or wide open floor plans. Despite the noise it makes which becomes less noticeable over time.
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Whynter ARC-12SD
Whynter ARC-12SD
12000 BTU Cooling, Thermostatic Control (61F - 89F), Eco-Friendly CFC free
It looks and performs great in any room where a cooling unit is needed. The 3 fan speeds give perfect control and the casters allow for ease of mobility so you can cool off more than one area if you wish.
Ratings : Whynter ARC-12SD Ratings

Frigidaire FRA12EPT1
Frigidaire FRA12EPT1
12000 BTU Cooling, 4100 BTU Heating, 2.7 pints/hr Dehumidifier, up to 640 sq.ft.
It is very efficient at cooling. The features are convenient and easy to use. It is however a perfect unit for those who are at home most of the time or just need a unit for the bedroom at night.
Ratings : Frigidaire FRA12EPT1 Ratings

Frigidaire FRA053PU1
Frigidaire FRA053PU1
5000 BTU Cooling, up to 150 sq.ft., 1.1 pints/hr Dehumidifier, Swing Air Control
Perfect for smaller room when the purpose is to not only cool the air but remove pollen and impurities from the air including the clean air ionizer. It's not recommended for really hot climates because the BTUs simply are not powerful enough.
Ratings : Frigidaire FRA053PU1 Ratings

Soleus Air PH3-12R-03
Soleus Air PH3-12R-03
12000 BTU Cooling, 12200 BTU Heating, 55 pints/day Dehumidifier, 24-Hr Timer
It's not just an air conditioner it's also a heater and dehumidifier with a 3-speed fan. It's probably not ideal for those looking to cool or heat an entire floor plan but it's more than adequate for the needs of most closed rooms.
Ratings : Soleus Air PH3-12R-03 Ratings


What are the benefits of a portable air conditioner, you might ask. Well, for starters, as the name suggests, it is easy to carry around. Compared to a window air conditioner, a portable air conditioner does not remain fixed in a certain place. It can be moved around easily, along wheels or some other convenient mechanism. You can carry it around the house in whichever room you may want to stay. You do not need to invest in buying and installing a separate air conditioner for every room in the house. A portable air conditioner can easily save you hundreds if not thousands over the long run.

Portable air conditioners are also much more efficient. Although it will not give you the heavy duty performance of a window air conditioner, the benefit of it is that you can keep your portable air conditioner close to you so that you receive the maximum benefit of the cool air flowing out of the air conditioner. They consume less power than window air conditioners and so are less burdensome on your pocket. Depending on which brand you buy, a portable air conditioner can save you roughly three to four times the price of a window air conditioner.

Because of their ease of moving around, a portable air conditioner can also become an integral part of your room decor. This means that you can get portable air conditioners in a variety of styles and designs. They make an excellent addition to the overall look of your home as you move them around from one room to another. Portable air conditioners today offer the same functionality as a window or split air conditioners. They are also easily accessible and trouble-free to maintain.

So, this summer, invest in a good portable air conditioner that goes well with the decor of your house. You and your family deserve to remain comfortable and cool even during the summer days.

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