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Discover the transformative wisdom of renowned spiritual teacher Ram Dass through his invaluable collection of books. With a wealth of knowledge and a profound understanding of the human experience, Ram Dass has captivated readers around the world with his insightful writings that bridge the gap between spirituality and daily life. As an iconic figure in the realm of self-discovery and consciousness exploration, his books serve as guideposts for those seeking personal growth, inner peace, and a deeper connection to their true selves.

Through the pages of his works, Ram Dass effortlessly conveys his originality, drawing from his own profound experiences and spiritual journey. The essence of his teachings lies in the profound yet simple truth that love and compassion are the keys to discovering our authentic selves and finding meaning in our lives. With an authority born out of decades of dedicated practice and study, Ram Dass invites readers to embark on an inner exploration, transcending societal norms and embracing a path of self-realization, spiritual awakening, and unconditional love.

Bestselling books by Ram Dass: our recommendations

Author: Ram Dass - Publisher: HarperOne - ASIN: B005R9HK8O

"Be Here Now" is a profound spiritual guide that intertwines Eastern philosophy and psychedelic experiences in a unique and enlightening way. Ram Dass' profound teachings encourage living in the present moment, finding inner peace, and embracing a higher consciousness. The enhanced edition of this book provides an immersive reading experience with its interactive features, stunning visuals, and audio clips that further amplify the transformative power of the original text. With its thought-provoking insights and engaging multimedia elements, "Be Here Now" is an essential companion for anyone seeking personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Our rating:: 9.5


Author: the Polishing - Publisher: Sounds True - ASIN: 1622033809

Polishing the Mirror is an enlightening and transformative book by Ram Dass that beautifully guides readers on the path of living from the spiritual heart. With profound insights and authentic personal anecdotes, the author offers practical wisdom on embracing love, compassion, and self-awareness. The book explores various spiritual practices, such as meditation and mindfulness, helping readers cultivate a deeper connection with their inner selves and the world around them. Ram Dass's writing style is warm, engaging, and filled with deep spiritual wisdom, making it a captivating read for seekers of truth and self-discovery. Polishing the Mirror is a treasure trove of spiritual teachings that inspire and empower individuals to lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Our rating:: 9.1


Author: Kindle Amazon - Publisher: Sounds True - ASIN: B079GLTQ1J

Walking Each Other Home: Conversations on Loving and Dying by [Author] "Walking Each Other Home" is a heartwarming and profound book that explores the deep connection between love and death. Through intimate conversations, the author masterfully expresses the importance of embracing our mortality and cherishing every moment with our loved ones. The book beautifully guides readers towards finding peace and presence in the midst of inevitable loss. [Author]'s words are both comforting and enlightening, offering valuable insights on how to navigate the complexities of grief and accompany others on their final journey. This poignant masterpiece is a must-read for anyone seeking solace, understanding, and spiritual growth in the face of mortality.

Our rating:: 8.9


Author: Dass Ram - Publisher: Amber Lotus Publishing - ASIN: 1631368389

stars). I absolutely love the Ram Dass 2022 Weekly Planner! It's not only beautifully designed, but also practical and convenient with its on-the-go size and a handy pocket for storing notes or small items. The 17-month calendar helps me stay organized and motivated throughout the year. Plus, the weekly quotes from Ram Dass provide guidance and inspiration. A must-have for any Ram Dass fan or someone looking for a thoughtful planner.

Our rating:: 8.8

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Author: Ram Dass - Publisher: HarperOne - ASIN: 0062235915

Grist for the Mill: Awakening to Oneness by Ram Dass is a profound spiritual guide that delves into the depths of personal transformation and self-realization. Ram Dass brilliantly presents a compelling narrative of his own spiritual journey, filled with teachings, anecdotes, and practices that inspire and empower the reader.

What sets this book apart is Ram Dass's ability to seamlessly blend Eastern philosophy with Western psychology, offering a comprehensive understanding of the human experience. With wisdom and compassion, he explores the obstacles we face on our path to awakening, inviting us to embrace our shadows and connect with our divine essence.

The author's language is lucid and insightful, making complex concepts accessible to readers of all backgrounds. Drawing from his own experiences and encounters with renowned spiritual figures, Ram Dass imparts invaluable lessons on love, forgiveness, and surrender, guiding us towards a state of oneness.

As I read Grist for the Mill, I felt an undeniable resonance with the author's words, as if he was speaking directly to my soul. Ram Dass's authenticity and vulnerability create a sense of trust and authenticity, allowing for a deeper connection. This book is not merely a read, but a transformative journey that nudges us towards self-discovery and liberation.

Grist for the Mill is a timeless masterpiece that reminds us of our inherent divinity and the interconnectedness of all things. It is a must-read for anyone seeking spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of the true nature of existence. Ram Dass's profound insights and teachings will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on your journey towards awakening.

Our rating:: 8.3

$9.99 $15.99 

Best book by Ram Dass: the must read

Selecting the best book by Ram Dass could be more complicated than it looks. Still, based on our opinion, Be Here Now at the price of $15.15 is the best book by Ram Dass online:

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Be Here Now

Be Here Now


After analyzing Ram Dass's notable works, it is clear that he has made a significant impact in the realm of spiritual literature. His books, such as "Be Here Now" and "Journey of Awakening," offer profound insights and generate a sense of self-reflection.

With a unique blend of personal anecdotes, Eastern philosophy, and practical guidance, Ram Dass successfully connects with readers on a transformative level. Through his teachings, he empowers individuals to embrace spirituality, practice mindfulness, and cultivate unconditional love.

Readers seeking spiritual growth and enlightenment will find great value in Ram Dass's writings. His wisdom and deep understanding of the human condition make his books essential reads for those on the spiritual path.

Whether you are a seasoned spiritual practitioner or just embarking on your journey, Ram Dass's books offer timeless wisdom and guidance that will resonate with you on a profound level. Dive into his works and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, compassion, and spiritual awakening.

Books by Ram Dass on promotion

SaleOffer No. 1
Be Here Now
Be Here Now
Be Here Now; Dass, Ram (Author); English (Publication Language); 416 Pages - 10/12/1978 (Publication Date) - Harmony (Publisher)
$19.19 −$4.04 $15.15
SaleOffer No. 2
Walking Each Other Home: Conversations on Loving and Dying
Walking Each Other Home: Conversations on Loving and Dying
Dass, Ram (Author); English (Publication Language); 240 Pages - 06/21/2022 (Publication Date) - Sounds True (Publisher)
$22.99 −$7.40 $15.59
SaleOffer No. 3
Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing, and Dying
Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing, and Dying
Used Book in Good Condition; Dass, Ram (Author); English (Publication Language); 206 Pages - 06/01/2001 (Publication Date) - Riverhead Books (Publisher)
$17.00 −$5.31 $11.69
SaleOffer No. 4
Be Love Now: The Path of the Heart
Be Love Now: The Path of the Heart
Be Love Now: The Path of the Heart; Dass, Ram (Author); English (Publication Language); 336 Pages - 11/08/2011 (Publication Date) - HarperOne (Publisher)
$16.99 −$7.00 $9.99
SaleOffer No. 5
Becoming Nobody: The Essential Ram Dass Collection
Becoming Nobody: The Essential Ram Dass Collection
Audible Audiobook; Ram Dass (Author) - Ram Dass (Narrator); English (Publication Language)
$17.49 −$2.19 $15.30
SaleOffer No. 6
Paths to God: Living the Bhagavad Gita
Paths to God: Living the Bhagavad Gita
Dass, Ram (Author); English (Publication Language); 352 Pages - 10/25/2005 (Publication Date) - Harmony (Publisher)
$17.17 −$5.68 $11.49
SaleOffer No. 7
Grist for the Mill: Awakening to Oneness
Grist for the Mill: Awakening to Oneness
Dass, Ram (Author); English (Publication Language); 208 Pages - 02/11/2014 (Publication Date) - HarperOne (Publisher)
$15.99 −$6.00 $9.99
SaleOffer No. 8
You Are the Universe: Ram Dass Maps the Journey (Be Here Now; YA Graphic Novel; Meditation for Teens)
You Are the Universe: Ram Dass Maps the Journey (Be Here Now; YA Graphic Novel; Meditation for Teens)
Buetens, Amy (Author); English (Publication Language); 216 Pages - 12/06/2022 (Publication Date) - Mandala Publishing (Publisher)
$22.99 −$8.38 $14.61
SaleOffer No. 9
Experiments in Truth
Experiments in Truth
Audible Audiobook; Ram Dass (Author); English (Publication Language); 03/11/2008 (Publication Date) - Sounds True (Publisher)
$33.90 −$4.24 $29.66

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