ProForm Power 995c

The ProForm Power 995c has many features that add to the comfort of the user and makes use of innovative technology that adds to the smoothness of the fitness routine. This machine takes the pain out of getting fit as a result of the ProShox cushioning. It has the extra-long treadbelt giving stride comfort with every step. Users can be accommodated up to 350 pounds, which is higher than most other models.

ProForm Power 995c

The Pros: While in operation the machine is super quiet. This one is nice and stiff when running and not bouncy like other treadmills can be. The speed adjusts quickly while running which is a big benefit to keep the workout going smoothly. The speakers work really well and music comes across nice and loud.

The Cons: The product is very heavy so if you live alone you won't be able to lift and carry it by yourself so be aware of this and line up helpers for the delivery date. It may take 2 or 3 people to carry the box up or down stairs.

The manual indicates that the treadmills should be unplugged while not in use to prevent premature failure of the control board, which means that it must be positioned so that the outlet is easily accessible in order to keep plugging it in, and unplugging it.

The Bottom Line: The ProForm Power 995c does not make everyone happy but it does give a good performance and is quiet while in use.

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