Horizon Fitness T101 (2013 Model)

This is a folding treadmill with surround speakers and MP3 compatibility to create a relaxing atmosphere during your workout on the Horizon Fitness T101 2013 model. It has a 2.25 HP continuous duty motor, which has the power, needed even when you are working hard. To help with fitness goals it has 9 programs that include intervals and weight loss. Unlike other models this has a Lifetime Warranty on not only the frame but also the motor, which gives buyers real peace of mind.

Horizon Fitness T101 (2013 Model)

The Pros: The T101 is a very reliable fitness machine that is stable and does not shake while in operation because the frame is solidly built and heavy and the belt is two-ply. The four wheels make it easy to move if needed. This is a folding treadmill so it is easy to store when not in use. Speaker works well and is MP3 compatible or you can hookup your iPhone or Smartphone too (comes with the cable to do this).

The Cons: The quality of the speaker does suffer a little when you turn the volume to high but the machine is quiet enough to use the normal volume when listening to music. Although the frame is very durable the borders of the console are made of thin plastic.

The Bottom Line: The Horizon Fitness T101 is highly recommended based on performance, warranty and durability. Even when issues do arise on occasion the company offers in-home repair and service. This is a quality treadmill that folds for easy storage.

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