Wildgame Innovations Red 6 N6E

This WildGame Innovations Red 6 N6E captures color pictures by day and black & white night still images utilizing the Redux anti-blur, and the 1-second trigger speed that gives clear non-blurry pictures. The features of this camera are easy for anyone to use. It performs well and is good value for your money spent. It's useful for hunting deer and the perfect size because it's compact and packs easily. The flex time and plot watcher are the best features of this trail camera.

Wildgame Innovations Red 6 N6E

What we like: This cam is very easy to set up to be able to capture the wildlife you are targeting. It's also easy to mount with the tree. It takes good video and pictures both day and night. This makes a very good game camera for beginners because it is easy to setup and use.

What we don't like: This is not the best camera for low light areas but otherwise it captures wildlife as expected. The manual is very basic, those who are experiencing issues might benefit if the manufacturer improved user tips.

The bottom line: The WildGame Red 6 N6E is recommended for those using a game camera for the first time and those looking for a good camera without having to spend a lot of money. The day pictures are very good and the night pictures are usable. It will function well for the money spent and has the features hunters are looking for and takes the good images if the subjects are 20 feet away from it. Users will enjoy the daytime picture quality, the 15-second interval pictures it can take and that the large LCD screen on the front of the camera is easy to read. You can also read how many pictures have been taken which is a nice feature.

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