Moultrie Game Spy M80-BLX

The Moultrie Game Spy M80-BLX allows users to take advantage of the 16:9 wide screen for images and videos, which is a wider field of view than other game cameras giving you an unfair advantage. The new fast fire continuous shooting mode allows you to capture up to 3 pictures per second so you won’t miss any action. When you need the ultimate concealment from a camera the black flash technology mean no visible LED light to scare off creatures or to be detected by humans.

Moultrie Game Spy M80-BLX

The Pros: The M80-BLX takes good clear pictures day or night. Wildlife including deer does not seem to notice the camera thanks to the Black Flash technology, which is a good thing and an improvement over other cameras that can spook deer when they see the flash. This camera is easy to mount to a tree, which cannot be said of all game cameras. Battery life is good and the quality of the imagery is also good.

The Cons: Moultrie admits that they have had issues with bad camera slots but they are pretty good at fixing the camera if the customer sends the camera back (takes 2 to 3 weeks).

The Bottom Line: The Moultrie game spy M80-BLX is recommended for anyone looking for a small game camera that works well day or night and also takes great video with sound. It is easy to setup and use and especially easy to mount on trees. It works well and captures images of wildlife or intruders so it is a versatile camera that conceals well so intruders and wildlife are not aware that the camera is there taking pictures.

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