Moultrie Game Spy D55IRxt

The Moultrie Game Spy D55-IRxt makes a good surveillance and game camera and is perfect for wildlife photography. Although made in China and subject to a fair share of repair history, the company is quick to rectify issues. It takes decent day and night pictures. The Moultrie shines above other models when it comes to taking low light pictures. This alone makes it worth checking out against competitors. This is a camera that gets the job done economically. Unlike most game cameras this one takes 6 C size batteries, which are perfect for being able to last in colder weather months.

Moultrie Game Spy D55IRxt

What we like: Has terrific flash-taking potential at night with clear pictures both night and day. 30-second countdown delay for when you need to get out of the picture. The D55-IRxt has a fairly accurate thermometer on it. Setting up is easy to do. Image quality is sharp and clear. Motion detector is fairly sensitive and will pick up small animals up to 20 feet in the distance. Good customer support, which is nice in this day.

What we don't like: Trigger speed is a little slower than preferred and can result in the occasional blurred picture.

The bottom line: The Moultrie D55-IRxt is the one to use when you need to take day and night pictures but need the camera to be economical. It has the necessary features and quality that will allow you to take both day and night photos that won't be disappointing and the battery life is decent too. It's easy to setup, and easy to use. Video quality is also good. This camera is recommended for deer hunting, to capture photos of wildlife including smaller animals like rabbits and raccoon and is also good for when you need to take surveillance pictures without having to spend a lot of money.

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