Moultrie D-555i

The Moultrie D-555i is the perfect for those looking for a wide angle view game camera that provides clear, bright nighttime images and has the capability of reducing nighttime blur that would otherwise ruin pictures taken at night. It comes with a 2 built-in LCD viewing screen and is also password protected for added security.

Moultrie D-555i

The Pros: This is a very good trail camera especially because of the built-in view screen that allows the user to see what they are taking a picture of which is helpful. Images and sound are both excellent and the mic is very sensitive which is a good thing. Very easy to setup, install and use the D-555i.

The Cons: The motion detection is very sensitive, too sensitive and there is no way to adjust this feature. The camera gets triggered even if movement is in the trees or bushes because the wide angle lens covers too much area.

The Bottom Line: The Moultrie D-555i is affordable while at the same time allows users to get great day and night pictures and videos. The built-in view screen is one of the best features and the fact that it has an easy setup, and install makes it a positive experience for everyone who buys it. It is also very easy to use and to adjust settings unless you are using an Apple product it is also easy to upgrade and install software/firmware.

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