MagneTrainer ER

Designed specifically for individuals looking for a good leg workout, the MagneTrainer ER allows users to sit and do another activity such as watching TV or working at the desk while they exercise in the comfort of home using the patented adjustable magnetic resistance system that this exercise bike is receiving recognition for in the fitness world. Individuals use this model for healthy exercise but it is also used in physical therapy settings because of its smooth pedal action and wide resistance range.

MagneTrainer ER

The Pros: Solidly built and very quiet while in operation, which allows you to exercise while doing many activities like watching TV or a DVD movie, while listening to music or while playing a game. Individuals who knit or crochet can enjoy crafting while exercising.

The Cons: If you are in any shape at all and have decent leg strength the resistance will most likely not be enough for you to get any type of quality workout.

The Bottom Line: The MagneTrainer ER is perfect for anyone in need of rehab, physical training for the arms or legs with doctor approval of course. It is ideal for individuals not used to exercising; those who have joint issues and need a smooth action that won’t jar sensitive joints. The pedal straps help to keep feet securely on the pedals, and the motion of the cycling is smooth and comfortable.

The resistance is perfect for those who are beginning an exercise program or for those in need of a quick way to burn some calories while doing other activities. This is probably not for the serious biker in need of a indoor solution because the resistance probably won’t be enough for someone with really strong legs. If you are looking for a machine that is easy to transport, and works both arms and legs this model will probably be worth investing in for your home or office.

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