Exerpeutic 1200 (250XL)

Fitness is a top priority for many people as they fight the bulge or strive to have a trim body. Adding a good exercise bike to a home gym or purchasing a first exercise machine can be intimidating unless it has lots of good reviews. The Exerpeutic 1200 (250XL) model has many features that place it above other models and is worthy of further inspection including that it has a space saver design and can be folded easily for storage has a large comfortable seat and 8 level magnetic tension control system so the user controls the difficulty of the workout.

Exerpeutic 1200 (250XL)

The Pros: The frame are thick steel with good welds and it is very comfortable bikes with a wide stable “footprint” yet light enough to carry from room to room if necessary. Unlike other stationary bikes this one is very quiet while in operation.

The Cons: The digital readout display could be improved it only displays rotating stats automatically with no way to control the setting for this display in other words if you only wanted one or two of them to display you have to wait for the entire cycle to display to see the one or two that you are actually interested in monitoring to display.

The Bottom Line: The Exerpeutic 1200 (250XL) has many positive features and is highly recommended by those who have purchased it to those who are looking for a comfortable, compact and quiet exercise bike. It is a real space saver and gives a good cardio workout. This is a quality-made bike that should last for years.

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