Exerpeutic 1111 (900XL)

The Exerpeutic 1111 (900XL) is the perfect exercise bike if you are looking for one that minimizes the stress on your back and joints. It allows the user to customize the eight-level magnetic tension so that you can fit the bike to your level of workout. The LCD display is easy to read which is important as you age and your eyesight isnít what it used to be. The recumbent design means that you have an easier time getting on and off the bike and the workout is more comfortable. Users can opt for a strenuous workout without fear of tipping because the leg stabilizers allow for a stable platform.

Exerpeutic 1111 (900XL)

The Pros: The best things about this Exerpeutic recumbent bike is that it is solidly built and can deliver an extensive workout if that is what is desired or if you are just starting out it can also deliver a light load. This is a good manual riding machine that is quiet enough to not interfere when watching TV or listening to music. It has a rugged frame and is very user-friendly.

The Cons: It may take the user a while to get used to adjusting the seat if there are multiple users in the family. You have to unscrew the three stabilizers for the seat and then put htem back in which can be a pain to do.

The Bottom Line: The Exerpeutic 1111 (900XL) is a good buy, is easy to use, fits all levels of workout and has the portability to move it from room to room when necessary. It is really quiet which is amazing. Although the seat is comfortable it is not so easy to adjust it. That alone does not deter from the effectiveness of the ride so this bike is recommended to users of all stages of fitness.

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