Body Rider BRF700

The Body Rider BRF700 has a digital display so the user can easily track speed, time, calories burned and distance. It only has a 250-pound weight capacity so buyers should be aware of this if they have a family member on the heavier side. A plus for this bike is that the fan wheel put out a gentle and very cooling breeze, which can be very beneficial during a tough workout.

Body Rider BRF700

The Pros: An exercise bike that is actually a good value because it's inexpensive yet works well and is easy to assemble. Most bikes work only the lower body the handlebars of this model allows the user to benefit with being able to exercise the upper body too so you get more for your money. The seat is large and can easily accommodate those with bigger butts.

The Cons: The seat is very hard so the user is forced to buy a quality seat cover for extra padding otherwise your bum hurts so much you must get off before your workout is complete. It makes more noise than other models but it is still possible to watch TV while cycling you just have to get used to the noise which isn't all that bad.

The Bottom Line: The Body Rider BRF700 is not a top-level exercise bike but it will allow users to get a good workout for a reasonable price. The seat is not as comfortable so you will need to purchase a seat cover and it is noisier than most other models so it may not be the best bike recommended for those looking for a good workout but it does get the job done at a price that most will be able to afford.

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