Sole E35 (2013 Model)

The Sole E35 has the features and the technology to be at the top of the list when it comes to shopping for a serious elliptical that is engineered for both performance and comfort. It features a blue, backlit 7.5-inch LDC display that effortlessly tracks your training data.

Sole E35 (2013 Model)

The Pros: The E35 has a long stride length, which cannot be said of all elliptical machines. This is a quality machine and is built to last for a longtime with moderate use. If you are used to working out in a gym this machine is almost gym-quality. The parts work smoothly together and while in operation it is basically quiet. This is a very sturdy and heavy machine.

The Cons: Difficult and time-consuming to assemble which could be improved upon if the assembly directions were made easier to understand. Fan and speakers are nothing to brag about and are definitely not the reason why people buy this machine but they are there so Sole could put some effort into making them useful.

The Bottom Line: The Sole E35 is the perfect home fitness elliptical for those who are used to the quality of fitness gym machines. It has the rugged build that is designed to last and the performance that those serious about fitness goals will appreciate. Once you get over the setup this is a worthwhile machine and one that is recommended to anyone in search of a performance-driven workout machine.

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